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Manhole Appreciation Day, Anyone?

Manhole Appreciation Day, Anyone?   Much like Rodney Dangerfield who “got no respect”, by and large manholes don’t get much respect either. They’re located under the street where they are run over millions of times per year by cars, snowplows, bikes, and pedestrians. They might even be buried in a right-of-way, or covered and lost entirely. Manholes definitely fall into the category of “out of sight, out of mind”. But have you ever thought about where our collection system would be without the manhole? While “man-way” sewer access dates back to ancient Roman times, something akin to the style of today’s manhole began to appear almost 200 years ago. Throughout all of that time, while history marched on above the surface, manholes were quietly doing their job of providing access to the sewer line for inspection or cleaning, providing directional connection points, and facilitating system design and

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OBIC-Certified Installer Featured in Trenchless Technology Magazine for Underwater Manhole Rehab Project

OBIC-Certified Installer Featured in Trenchless Technology Magazine for Underwater Manhole Rehab Project CTR Coatings, a woman-based, OBIC-certified installer, was recently featured in Trenchless Technology magazine for a truly amazing story of how they were able to alleviate the burden at Lake Lure’s treatment plant through the elimination of I/I. In the article, “North Carolina Mountain Resort Community Finds a Solution to I/I”, 60 manholes were situated along the shoreline, halfway submerged and the only way to reach them was by watercraft from the lake. Trenchless methods using OBIC’s spray-applied polyurethane linings provided a sustainable fix and extended the life of these critical collection system structures. Read the full article to learn more about this remarkable success story!

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Common Sense, Good Sense, and Sewer Sense

Common Sense, Good Sense, and Sewer Sense Common sense, good sense, and sewer sense are important attributes for those of you involved in the operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of wastewater systems. It is simply common sense to acknowledge that the manhole and lift station parts of your sewer infrastructure that are 30 to 50 years old, which had an original design life of 30 to 50 years, are probably in need of some attention. In our experience, it is good sense to rehabilitate rather than replace those structures. Why? It will solve your problems with infiltration and corrosion, but with a safer, faster, and lower-cost process. Service interruptions are minimized with rehabilitation because you won’t need to excavate. Without the need to excavate, you’ll be the hero with a minimally invasive and less disruptive solution. And, finally, the sewer sense (not the smell) part is the selection

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Culvert Lining Rehab Means Better Than New at a Fraction of the Cost

Culvert Lining Rehab Means Better Than New at a Fraction of the Cost OBIC is best known for its work around wastewater structures such as manholes, lift stations, and WWTP facilities that help municipalities mitigate their infrastructure issues. Another infrastructure issue equally “out of sight and out of mind” is stormwater culverts. Culverts installed 30 to 50 years ago are now failing at an alarming rate. Thousands of corrugated metal culverts are so significantly rusted and deteriorated that flooding or collapsed roads are very real possibilities and scenarios. A collapsed culvert is potentially a much greater problem than a collapsed manhole, however. If that culvert is beneath a busy thoroughfare, traffic disruption could be significant and a dig and replace repair will be costly and time-consuming. A collapsed manhole can be bypassed with a pumping system and replaced in a few days. While clearly unpleasant, it pales

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OBIC-Certified Installer Featured in I&I Magazine for Successful Manhole Rehab Project

OBIC-Certified Installer Featured in I&I Magazine for Successful Manhole Rehab Project Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART), an OBIC-certified installer, was recently featured in Inflow & Infiltration Solutions and Equipment (I&I) magazine for a successful manhole rehab project done for the city of Parkersburg, West Virginia. In the article, “What Lies Beneath”, hidden I&I had set a major sinkhole event into action and ART quickly went to work using OBIC 1000, a fast-curing polyurea coating, and OBIC 1306, a high-density polyurethane foam to repair, rehabilitate, and restore the manhole. Read the full article to learn how this event ultimately resulted in a 33% reduction of infiltration just by manhole lining alone.

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What are the Benefits of No-Dig Technology?

What are the Benefits of No-Dig Technology? The history of no-dig (trenchless) technology in the United States dates back to the mid-1970’s. OBIC’s owners have been in the no-dig business for nearly 20 years. It’s what we do. It’s how we think about wastewater rehabilitation. But just because we think that way doesn’t mean we shouldn’t slow down a little, review the basics, and “dig” into the benefits of no-dig technology. Instead of open cut excavation to gain access for repair or replacement of the structure, as the name suggests, no-dig allows for those repairs with minimal or no excavation. We’re all in the sewer business together and we do realize that there are those rare occasions when the host structure is too far gone and cannot be safely rehabilitated, making dig-and-replace the only viable solution. So outside of this situation, why do we think no-dig technology

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PACT: Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea Coating Systems in Action

PACT: Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea Coating Systems in Action We know, polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea is a bit of a mouthful, but it is one of the rock stars in OBIC’s line of spray-applied coatings. OBIC 1150 is a two-component polyaspartic material with many benefits that make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. These include: Superior chemical & stain resistance Outstanding abrasion resistance Quick curing Excellent adhesive properties UV Stable, resulting in very little loss of gloss or color fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight Resistant to bacteria and humidity, making it suitable for interior application without harmful odors In-ground pool liner to last a lifetime First developed in the 1990s, polyaspartic coating systems have been used for many industrial, commercial, and even residential applications. Recently, Midwest Infrastructure Coatings, an OBIC certified installer, had an opportunity to complete an unusual project with OBIC’s polyaspartic

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Mike Hoffmaster Named Director of Business Development

Mike Hoffmaster Named Director of Business Development We are pleased to announce that Mike Hoffmaster is the new director of business development for OBIC. In this role, Hoffmaster is responsible for helping OBIC grow its network of certified installers, exploring new business opportunities, and building the company’s global brand. “I am pleased to welcome Mike to our growing team,” said Dustin Schlachter, CEO & chief visionary officer at OBIC. “His extensive experience in the industry includes working with local construction firms and national manufacturers. This makes him uniquely qualified to support our network of local installers, while also helping us grow our global brand.” Hoffmaster’s experience includes 36 years working in the construction industry, with the last 10 spent focusing on trenchless technology. He has a bachelor's degree from Shepard University and is the current treasurer for the Mid-Atlantic Society of Trenchless Technology. He also holds membership in the

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Hidden Cost Savings with OBIC Wet Well Rehabilitation

Hidden Cost Savings with OBIC Wet Well Rehabilitation In previous blogs, we have talked about OBIC’S quick cure times providing a fast return to service. Where this benefit really manifests itself is the substantial cost savings provided for a wet well rehab project. A day in the life of a wet well rehabA typical 6’ diameter by 10’-20’ deep lift station can be fully relined by an OBIC certified installer in a single day. Depending on the circumstances, this can sometimes be done without bypassing. Below is a typical schedule for this type of wet well rehab project.8:00 a.m. OBIC certified installers isolate the station by plugging the upstream manhole. The wet well is then manually pumped down and a vac-truck is used to rinse the walls and remove any debris. 9:00 a.m. The lining technician enters the wet well and begins the surface preparation using the appropriate pressure washing

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Installer Spotlight: ECM Holding Group, Inc.

Installer Spotlight: ECM Holding Group, Inc. OBIC is proud to introduce ECM Holding Group, Inc. as this month’s Installer Spotlight. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, ECM is an employee-owned company that provides a number of energy and operational cost-saving technologies nationwide. Through its Municipal Infrastructure Refurbishment Group, ECM delivers cost-effective solutions to extend the life of municipal water & sewer infrastructure. Why OBIC With over 200 employees and $50 million in annual revenue, ECM chose to partner with OBIC because of our high-quality products, customer service, and family-like feel. According to Cody Vande Wettering, general manager at ECM, “we knew we could trust OBIC to deliver outstanding cost-savings measures to our customers.” He went on to say that ECM “not only gained the ability to offer additional high-quality products, we were also able to add manhole refurbishment to our list of services.” Since becoming an OBIC certified

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Decades of trenchless sewer repair experience in your corner

Decades of trenchless sewer repair experience in your corner Sewer line repair is a line item on many township and municipality budgets throughout the United States. An aging infrastructure that has been largely ignored for decades has led to everything from minor inflow and infiltration issues to major structural damage.  Regardless of the severity of the problems your sewer system may be facing, you don’t have to tackle them alone. The team at OBIC has decades of experience in water and wastewater system repair and rehabilitation. With trenchless sewer repair solutions, we can have your systems running at peak efficiency with minimal disruption.  OBIC Leadership  Dustin Schlachter, Chief Visionary Officer Dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective, long-lasting sewer line repair solutions, Dustin Schlachter leads the team at OBIC as chief visionary officer. He has been a leader in the trenchless technology industry since 1999 when he and his

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OBIC Certified Installer Selected for Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Advanced Rehabilitation Technology, an OBIC certified installer, was recently contracted to rehabilitate 350 sewer manholes in the town of Tonawanda, New York. One of the biggest challenges facing the ART installation teams was limited access to some of the manholes needing rehabilitation. Six manholes were located on a golf course while another sixty were located in residential yards. Despite this challenge, every manhole was successfully rehabilitated while maintaining good relationships with the residents and zero damage to the golf course. Ronald Boss, senior construction inspector assigned as field supervisor of the project had this to say about the ART. “The ART crews worked together to achieve a quality product for the client. If there were any challenges or concerns, they were addressed immediately,” said Ronald. “It has been a pleasure working with such a great group of people with that can-do attitude.” Read more about the Tonawanda manhole rehabilitation project

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Manhole Rehabilitation Challenges

Manhole Rehabilitation Challenges Our team at OBIC has decades of experience in sewer system rehab, construction and operation. Our combined experience includes everything from collapsing sewer manholes to deteriorating pipes and everything in between. As a matter of fact, there is not much we haven’t seen, heard and rehabilitated. While we take pride in our accomplishments and enjoy telling stories of some of the most challenging projects we have tackled, we have also learned a lot over the years. It is that experience and knowledge that helps us to expertly mitigate the varying maintenance challenges facing our clients. Below is a summary of the two most common manhole rehab challenges that our installers face daily. Manhole rehab challenge #1: inflow & infiltration The first challenge that has a significant impact on manholes and sewer systems is inflow and infiltration. Although inflow and infiltration commonly begin as a very small annoyance,

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OBIC: Manhole Rehabilitation Industry’s Best Brand

OBIC: Manhole Rehabilitation Industry’s Best Brand The wastewater structure rehabilitation industry is flooded with installers who are singularly focused on offering the lowest price. They never stay with a product manufacturer long enough to fully develop a relationship. While a lower cost may seem attractive, especially to cash-strapped municipalities with aging infrastructure, the quality of products and services is sacrificed. At OBIC, we understand the need to balance quality and cost while also establishing long-term relationships with our network of installers. Not only do we offer high-quality products, but we also take the time to ensure that our certified installers have the support and training they need to tackle even the most challenging wastewater rehabilitation project. When it absolutely, positively must last, our trained installers know exactly how to use OBIC products to deliver true quality to the consumer. A partnership that ensures quality OBIC is DRIVEN by

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Veterans Memorial Fountain

Veterans Memorial Fountain OBIC Products Go Beyond Manhole Rehabilitation in a Project to Honor Veterans in Whitehouse, Ohio When the City of Whitehouse approved funding for the construction of a new Veterans Memorial Park, they immediately began searching for high-quality contractors who could help them build a memorial that would honor their community veterans. While, on the surface, this may not seem like a project for OBIC products, it turned out to be the perfect fit. It was actually below the surface where OBIC products were most effective on this project - below the surface of the Veterans Memorial Fountain located at the center of the park. “ART had just completed work on the Union City Terminal Fountain in Cincinnati, Ohio,” said Gary Mock, vice president of sales at Advanced Rehabilitation Technology, an OBIC certified installer. “This was the perfect case study to showcase how OBIC products

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Inflow & Infiltration

What is inflow & infiltration? When groundwater or stormwater enters dedicated sanitary sewer systems, inflow & infiltration is occurring. Most inflow & infiltration, or I&I, is caused by aging infrastructure that includes manholes and sewer pipes. While this may seem like a hopeless, inevitable problem, there are steps that communities can take to protect their wastewater systems. Infiltration is when clean groundwater enters the sewer collection system. A great example of this is when heavy rain or snowmelt penetrates the ground and raises the groundwater level. That ground flow can infiltrate sewer pipes and manholes through cracks in the structure, missing or deteriorated gasket joints and leaky pipe penetrations. High water tables, or groundwater, is particularly common in coastal areas but also occurs in communities that are near lakes, rivers, ditches or wetlands. While seeping groundwater infiltration may not sound like an immediate concern, it can become

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Advanced Lining Featured in Industry Magazines

OBIC installer featured in two industry magazines OBIC certified installer, Advanced Lining LLC, located in Layton, Utah, was recently featured in two different industry magazines. A division of Advanced Pump and Equipment, Advanced Lining LLC has been an OBIC certified installer since 2019. “We are proud to share the success stories of our installers,” said Dustin. “Advanced Lining LLC has worked hard to earn a strong reputation in the water and wastewater rehabilitation industry. They deserve the recognition that comes with being featured in these articles.” Cleaner Magazine: Advanced Lining Enters New Territory to Offer Coating and Lining Services In this article, co-founder Seth Huggins shares how Advanced Lining LLC came to be and explains why they decided to partner with OBIC.  “The Huggins brothers decided that the best route would be to work with a single vendor who could supply a wide variety of products

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OBIC provides long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications

OBIC provides long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications In Latin, obic is the root word for barrier. When we founded our company in 2017, we couldn’t think of a better name for our products. Regardless of whether we are working on a manhole rehabilitation project, restoring an aging stormwater culvert or keeping drinking water safe with water treatment structure repairs, OBIC products are all designed to provide a long-lasting, cost-effective barrier of protection. Made of a flexible polymer that is environmentally friendly, OBIC coating systems are spray applied and cure in minutes. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of industries. Water Treatment and DistributionDrinking water distribution systems rely on metallic and concrete pipes, which are at risk for corrosion.As these systems age, concrete degradation or rust in metallic pipes begins to contaminate the drinking water that runs through

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Installer Spotlight: Precision Trenchless, LLC

Installer Spotlight: Precision Trenchless, LLC OBIC is excited to introduce one of our newest certified installers, Precision Trenchless, LLC. Located in Schenectady, New York, Precision Trenchless provides no-dig pipe rehabilitation services to eastern New York. Their services include: UV-CIPP sewer rehabilitation UV-CIPP Culvert repair CCTV inspections 2” and above Pipe Cleaning / Jetting Services Why OBIC A family-owned business, Precision Trenchless has offered no-dig pipe rehabilitation services for almost a decade. Since they first opened their doors, the company leadership has made it a priority to do their part in preserving the environment. They do this by offering the highest quality, most environmentally friendly products to rehabilitate aging infrastructure in the communities they serve. OBICs environmentally friendly, cure in place potable water and sewer lining repair products offered the perfect solution for Precision Trenchless. “We decided to become an OBIC certified installer because of the quality of

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OBIC hand-injected grouts provide options for amateurs and professionals alike

OBIC hand-injected grouts provide options for amateurs and professionals alike Underneath the streets of every city is a maze of sewer pipes, storm drains, manholes and pump stations that carry wastewater and stormwater through a strategically planned sewer system. These sewer systems are vital to protecting the environment and keeping our communities clean. Unfortunately, they are also deteriorating at a rate that is difficult for many communities to manage.According to infrastructurereportcard.org, the nation’s underground wastewater pipes are, on average, 45 years old with some systems exceeding 100 years. When you consider that the average life expectancy for these pipes is 50-100 years, it is no wonder that infiltration, or water leaking into the structure from the ground, has become a common and costly problem. Infiltration causes costly wastewater structure rehab challengesWastewater infiltration is both a short-term and long-term problem. The short-term impact is easy to calculate. According to

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OBIC Pump-injected grouts stop even the toughest infiltration issues

OBIC Pump-injected grouts stop even the toughest infiltration issues Water and wastewater rehabilitation projects inevitably share one common challenge, infiltration issues. These are often leaks that are caused by cracks, missing mortar, deteriorated gaskets, pipe intrusions or a dozen other issues that allow groundwater to enter the structure. Unfortunately, once a leak occurs it will continue to worsen unless steps are taken to stop the infiltration of groundwater.At OBIC, we have earned a reputation for our industry-leading lining system that prevents infiltration from occurring. What is not so well known is that our lining system will not adhere to running water, so we first had to become experts in the science of stopping leaks. We went in search of grouts for wastewater rehabilitation that would allow us to stop even the toughest leaks. When we couldn’t find a product that met our expectations, our team took on the

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Installer Spotlight: CTR Coatings

Installer Spotlight: CTR Coatings OBIC is excited to introduce one of our certified installers, CTR Coatings. Based in Tennessee, CTR Coatings has locations in Knoxville and Memphis as well as York, South Carolina. Their service area includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee. Shared commitment to offering the most advanced products in the industryFounded in 2010, CTR Coatings has earned a reputation as an industry-leading water and wastewater rehabilitation company. “The foundation of our success is based on the relationship we have with our customers,” said Charlotte Reed, president of CTR Coatings. “They trust us because they know we are committed to professionalism, attention to detail, safety and the use of the most advanced products in the industry. We chose to partner with OBIC because they share that commitment.”As an OBIC certified installer, CTR Coating is able to offer long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for challenging water and wastewater

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OBIC Manhole Rehabilitation Process

OBIC Manhole Rehabilitation Process Ever wondered about what the manhole rehabilitation process is like for OBIC certified installers? We had a camera crew follow Advanced Lining, an OBIC installer located in Utah, as they worked on a municipal manhole rehab in Moscow, Idaho. The city of Moscow had 17 aging manholes with groundwater infiltration issues. Although experienced in rehabilitation projects like this, the installation crew was challenged with an unusually cold October. They were also faced with a limited timeframe, as the project was in a residential neighborhood. Site Safety Before any rehabilitation work can begin, site safety takes priority. The crew will set up traffic cones and signs to keep the public separated from the work area. Confined space and fall protection equipment is set up on-site and employees don their personal protective equipment. Manhole Casting Prep Now that

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OBIC 5000 – Structural Manhole Rehabilitation Lining

OBIC 5000 – Structural Manhole Rehabilitation Lining It is generally understood that the primary reasons for manhole rehabilitation are to stop inflow & infiltration, prevent hydrogen sulfide corrosion and restore structural integrity. At OBIC, we have talked extensively about inflow & infiltration as well as corrosion, but there seems to still be a lot of questions out there about how OBIC products help with structural issues. Two questions that we hear frequently are: What’s the definition of structural? What standard exists for manhole rehabilitation that defines structural? This blog post helps to answer those questions, but our team is always ready to discuss your unique manhole rehabilitation projects and questions. What standard exists for manhole rehabilitation that defines structural It is important to begin by explaining that there are no ASTM standards, structural or otherwise, for manhole rehabilitation methods. Not willing to settle, we did some

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OBIC Certified Installer Advanced Rehabilitation Technology Featured In Cleaner Magazine

OBIC Certified Installer Advanced Rehabilitation Technology Featured In Cleaner Magazine OBIC certified installer, Advanced Rehabilitation Technology was the featured cover story for the magazine Cleaner: For Drain and Pipe Cleaning, Inspection and Rehabilitation Professionals. In the article, co-owner, Dustin Schlachter shares how ART tackles the most difficult water and wastewater rehabilitation challenges while making it a priority to be honest and fair with all its customers.Read the full article >

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OBIC Preventative Maintenance = Peace of Mind

OBIC Preventative Maintenance = Peace of Mind When was the last time you inspected your system’s manholes? If your answer is an awkward silence, you are not alone. Many municipalities face challenges with limited budgets and resources, so manhole inspections are often put on the backburner until a noticeable problem occurs. Unfortunately, this means that you could have a manhole that is leaking groundwater right now. Although you may not yet see the impact on operations, you could have a leak that looks like this. The cost of manhole leaks add up Even the smallest leak has costs that begin to multiply over time. For example, a manhole that leaks two gallons of groundwater per minute will send over 1 million gallons per year to the wastewater treatment plant. According to one case study, this two-gallon leak

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OBIC 1000 is the best option for sewer structure rehabilitation

OBIC 1000 is the best option for sewer structure rehabilitation Every company believes its product is the best. Chevrolet believes their Silverado is better than Ford’s F-Series. Ford believes their F-Series is better than Dodge’s Ram, and the list goes on. The sewer lining coatings business is no different. When it comes to water and wastewater inflow/infiltration and corrosion issues there are a variety of options to choose from. Of course, only one rises to the top when it comes to long-lasting quality and a fast return on investment. It may come as no surprise that OBIC believes our spray applied OBIC 1000 is the most cost-effective and long-lasting product on the market. What may be surprising is that, after decades of working in the sewer structure rehabilitation industry, we don’t just believe it, we can prove it. Strong adhesion offers long-lasting protection against concrete degradation

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OBIC Products Expands Its Global Footprint

OBIC Products Expands Its Global Footprint Global Leader in the Development and Manufacturing of Coatings and Linings for the Rehabilitation and Life Extension of Wastewater Utility, Commercial and Industrial Infrastructure Now Operating In India OBIC LLC (Bryan, Ohio USA), is pleased to announce the expansion of its global presence with the establishment of its new sister company, OBIC Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. OBIC decided to enter the Indian market as they saw a need for high quality waterproofing, rehabilitative and protective coating and lining solutions in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. “We wanted to be a partner in rehabilitating and rescuing aging infrastructure, protecting it for the long term and defending it against costly failures,” shares Dustin Schlachter, CEO and Founder of OBIC LLC. The firm will be collaborating with other key Indian entities and noteworthy innovators in the

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The Rest of the Story: OBIC sewer lining repair and rehabilitation

The Rest of the Story: OBIC sewer lining repair and rehabilitation At OBIC, we are passionate about our products. Some might even call us obsessive. We share product information on our website, give real-world application examples in our emails, and our sales team diligently discusses these benefits over the phone in a race to share OBIC products with our customers. Okay, that last part may be a slight exaggeration, but we really are excited to share the OBIC product advantage with everyone interested in water and wastewater system rehabilitation. That being said, our products are only the beginning. The rest of the story starts with our team of chemists and ends with our certified OBIC installers. Sewer lining repair solutions manufactured in an ISO 9001-2015 facility OBIC specializes in manufacturing products that provide a cost-effective approach to repairing sewer system inflow/infiltration and corrosion issues commonly found

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Installer Spotlight: Pleasants Construction, Inc.

Installer Spotlight: Pleasants Construction, Inc. OBIC is excited to introduce Pleasants Construction, Inc. as the newest member of our installer network. Based in Clarksburg, Maryland, their service area includes Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and Delaware. Expanding water and wastewater rehabilitation services Pleasants Construction is a full-service, turnkey construction company with an underground rehabilitation service division. “We have been in the manhole and vertical structure lining business for several years,” said Michael Hoffmaster, sales and marketing manager at Pleasants Construction, Inc. “With OBIC we have already been able to start rehabilitating large diameter pipes and are looking forward to expanding our tank and potable water services as well.” Pleasants Construction, Inc. has previous experience working with polyurea multi-layer systems and was first drawn to OBIC because of the high-quality product options. “We feel that the OBIC line of products offers us a variety of solutions to address

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Work Hard. Dream Big.

Work Hard. Dream Big. The Schlachter family has always believed that success means working hard and dreaming big. In 1999, those big dreams began to take form when they established their first family-owned business, S&S Directional Boring. Over the next 19 years, that one business became three with the addition of Advanced Rehabilitation Technology in 2007 and OBIC in 2018. Today, these businesses have been awarded Large Business of the Year by Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce, and have grown into a brand new 24,000 square foot facility. To help encourage others in the community to dream big, an additional 24,000 square foot space was built to serve as an incubator for new business. Read more about our history and DRIVEN philosophy.

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OBIC grout stops even the toughest leaks

OBIC grout stops even the toughest leaks Manhole rehabilitation projects often involve brick and concrete structures that have cracks, missing or mortar deteriorated gaskets, pipe protrusions or other pathways allowing groundwater to enter. This is a common problem that occurs in manholes across the world, but one that causes a unique problem for OBIC installers. Although OBIC products are scientifically designed to stop sewer system inflow and infiltration issues, they will not adhere to running water. Specifically designed to stop leaks in water and wastewater structures Fortunately, OBIC offers a complete line of grout materials specifically designed for stopping leaks that occur in water and wastewater structures. The most common material used by OBIC installers for stopping leaks is polyurethane chemical grout. Polyurethane chemical grouts are usually injected under pressure as a liquid resin into or in the vicinity of the leak. Once the resin contacts water,

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Brick Manholes

Manhole Rehabilitation: Brick Manholes The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are approximately 26 million manholes in the U.S. The majority of these structures are precast concrete manholes, cast in place concrete manholes and concrete block manholes, however, clay fired brick was a popular material used in the construction of manholes prior to the 1950s. A quick history lesson on precast concrete manholes In the post-World War II suburbia, young families in search of homes created a housing boom. Along with new homes, the rapid growth of communities began to make infrastructure a priority. Schools, community centers, churches, supermarkets, office buildings, industrial plants and shopping centers all required proper water and wastewater systems. In 1954, the Precast Concrete Institute was formed and precast manhole structures became the most cost-effective method for manhole construction. The high cost of labor and installation for brick manholes quickly

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Installer Spotlight: Midwest Infrastructure Coatings LLC

Installer Spotlight: Midwest Infrastructure Coatings LLC OBIC is excited to introduce Midwest Infrastructure Coatings LLC as the newest member of our installer network. Based in Missouri, their service area includes Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.A family-owned business, Midwest Infrastructure Coatings is owned and operated by Bryon Baker and his son Kolby. “We are a small, grassroots company that started from nothing more than a truck, a wheelbarrow and a bucket of tools,” said Bryon. “As we have grown, we have established a solid reputation with our customers. They know that we are committed to offering the highest level of products and services on every job.”That commitment to quality and customer service is what drew them to OBIC. “We are working on infrastructure, and it is essential that we have a long-lasting product that can withstand the harsh environment of wastewater systems,” said Bryon. “The 10-year warranty offered on

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Causes of Corrosion

Causes of Corrosion The need for polymer sewer lining coating When OBIC was founded, it was with the mission of providing a long-lasting, cost-effective barrier of protection for water and wastewater structures. Polymer coatings and lining systems have proven time and time again that they offer the best combination of price and performance for addressing sewer system inflow and infiltration issues. Our website and blog posts are filled with data and information to support this. If you are wondering why polymer sewer lining coatings are necessary in the first place, you have come to the right blog post. The following paragraphs give an overview of what causes sewer inflow and infiltration issues and why polymer coatings are needed in the first place. Most common issues that make sewer lining repairs necessary The two most common problems affecting sanitary sewer structures are groundwater infiltration and deterioration

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Save Energy and Money

Save Energy and Money Energy Efficiency in Water and Wastewater Facilities Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, water and wastewater treatment facilities are humming with the sound of pumps and motors working to provide the community with clean water. Wastewater plants and drinking water systems can account for up to one-third of a municipality’s total energy bill (EPA 2009). These facilities represent a significant portion of controllable energy usage and offer opportunities for cost-effective investments in energy-efficient technologies. Energy efficiency measures in water and wastewater facilities can deal with the installation of energy-efficient equipment and also the adoption of improved processes. Pumping requires much of the energy used for treating and delivering drinking water and for transporting wastewater to and through the treatment plant. Installing a new, more efficient pumping system and adding new controls and sensors that improve automation can produce energy savings by

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Polymer Misconceptions

Polymer Misconceptions The Facts About Polymers and Wastewater Structure Rehabilitation At OBIC, we don’t hesitate to share the benefits of polymer lining systems for wastewater structure rehabilitation. As a matter of fact, you might say that we have made it our mission. Over the years, we have seen the good, bad and ugly of everything from manhole rehab projects to sewer lining repair, and we can say without a doubt that manholes, lift stations, treatment plant facilities and stormwater structures have all benefitted by coating or rehabilitating with a polymer lining system. These systems are installed with minimal service interruptions and can increase the life of the structure by 50+ years, making polymer lining systems an ideal solution when your priority is saving time and money. A few additional benefits that may interest you include: Prevention of corrosion to the structure Protection from chemical attacks the structure

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Union Terminal Fountain: More Than Meets The Eye

Union Terminal Fountain: More Than Meets The Eye When people come to visit a his-toric landmark, it’s all about the visual experience. They want to see what things looked like “back then,” to get a feel for life in its original historic period. When Cincinnati’s historic Union Terminal water fountain required a critical waterproofing membrane solution for the long-term preservation of its unique raw terrazzo cladding, a new polyurea coating from OBIC Products was chosen to ensure the structure would remain intact and per-form beautifully for generations to come.Preserving an Art Deco TreasureCincinnati’s Union Terminal, one of the last great American train stations, was built in the Art Deco style so prevalent in the 1920s and ‘30s. Since its opening in 1933, the National Historic Landmark has had a long and storied history, from welcoming soldiers home from World War II to becoming the home of three museums, an

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OBIC Sewer Lining repair offers faster ROI

OBIC Sewer Lining repair offers faster ROI If corrosion and infiltration issues are affecting your wastewater system, you have likely spent many hours combing through budgets and researching options. Fortunately, advancements in spray-applied polyurea lining systems mean that there are effective and affordable options for even the most daunting sewer repair projects. OBIC sewer lining repair systems are proven effective and have a faster return on investment than other options on the market. To illustrate the benefits of OBIC, we compiled an example of the impact one manhole rehabilitation can have on a small to medium-sized municipality. OBIC manhole rehab case study A municipality has one leaking manhole with groundwater infiltration. The manhole is 9’ deep and is leaking 2 gallons of groundwater per minute. Although that may not seem like a lot, the impact quickly multiplies. 2 gallons/minute x 1,440 minutes/day x 365 days/year = 1,051,200

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Manhole Rehabilitation in Menallen Township

Manhole Rehabilitation in Menallen Township Menallen Township, located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, is rich in history. Formed in 1783, the township is home to a National Historic Landmark, the Searights Tollhouse. Remnants of a once booming coal industry can also be found throughout the landscape of the township.  While these nostalgic reminders of history add to the township’s tourism, there was one historical structure that was only causing problems. Beneath the surface of Menallen Township was an aging sewer system in desperate need of repair. According to Sam McVicker of K2 Engineering Inc. and Menallen Township Sewage Authority Engineer, stormwater infiltration was causing treatment plant overloads. As the problem continued to worsen, McVicker began the search for an affordable and effective manhole rehabilitation solution for the township. After thorough research, McVicker chose to pursue a spray-applied lining system for the manhole rehab project. “The main focus of

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History of Polyurea

History of Polyurea Ever wondered what makes OBIC coating systems one of the most cost-effective, long-lasting solutions for the maintenance and rehabilitation of everything from manholes to tank linings? It is the result of extensive research, development and testing of polyurea chemistry. Uniquely designed to meet the demands of water and wastewater systems, OBIC polyurea products have numerous benefits including: They can be spray applied in various environmental conditions They are fast setting, requiring minimal downtime They are designed to maintain excellent abrasion and chemical resistance They can be customized to meet the unique needs of the structure They are environmentally friendly OBIC’s polyurea products are manufactured in an ISO 9001-2015 certified facility. Each specific product is formulated to maximize its performance based upon the particular application of drinking water, wastewater, stormwater or industrial use. The History of Polyurea Polyurea can be described as an advancement of

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No Two Jobs are the Same

No Two Jobs are the Same At OBIC, consistency is a word we say frequently. After all, our customers depend on consistent quality and services for all of their wastewater rehabilitation needs. What keeps our jobs interesting is that, though our products are predictably effective and long-lasting, no two jobs are ever the same.A municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems maintenance company, OBIC specializes in providing an alternative approach to everything from wastewater structure rehabilitation to potable water tank rehabilitation. Made of a flexible polymer that is environmentally friendly, OBIC coating systems are spray applied, making them ideal for structures of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, unlike alternative rigid products, OBIC’s flexible polymers won’t crack under the pressure of temperature changes or heavy traffic.WastewaterManhole RehabilitationThe United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are 26 million manholes in the U.S. These manholes vary in age, construction and deterioration.

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Case Study: Bay City Manhole Rehabilitation

Case Study: Bay City Manhole Rehabilitation Bay City, Michigan, located near the state’s eastern shoreline, is a destination for vacationers interested in everything from antiquing to fishing and sailing. While the beauty of this historic city is unmistakable, its age was becoming apparent in the deteriorating condition of its sewer system. Similar to many municipalities across the country, Bay City’s manhole structures were made of brick, block and precast structures that varied in age. Over time, in some cases more than 50 years, leaks and deterioration began to jeopardize their structural integrity. In an effort to address these issues quickly and efficiently, an OBIC certified installer was called in to rehabilitate 170 of the city’s aging manholes. The Challenge The manhole structures in Bay City varied in age and condition. They were also once a combined system, which meant that some of the manholes had atypical shapes.

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Case Study: Smithfield Sewer Authority

Case Study: Smithfield Sewer Authority The Smithfield Sewer Authority was first introduced to OBIC Products through a Lunch and Learn demonstration hosted by Rusty Hesselschwardt from Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART). ART is OBIC’s flagship installer and leader in no-dig rehabilitation services. Benjamin Kutz, a professional engineer for the Smithfield Sewer Authority, was impressed by the demonstration and recommend that ART be hired to rehabilitate nine manholes in Smithfield Township, located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The manholes were located on Business Route 209 and Craigs Meadow Road. Both heavily traveled roads. To excavate and replace the manholes would not only have been costly, but it would also have created substantial traffic headaches for the duration of the project. Rather than taking on this massive replacement, the sewer authority chose to rehabilitate the manholes using OBIC’s lining system. This decision reduced the cost and minimized traffic disturbance while significantly

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Birthplace of Rock ’n Roll Makes Sweet Music With New Structural Rehabilitation Solution

Birthplace of Rock ’n Roll Makes Sweet Music With New Structural Rehabilitation Solution Memphis, Tenn., ran into a particular infrastructure rehabilitation challenge on the 1,420-foot Jack Carley Causeway line, serving President’s Island. A run of 15-inch VCP sewer main with eight manholes was compromised by age and H2S gas. Deep Problems One 50-foot-deep brick manhole required immediate remediation, for which Steve Lindsey of Jacobs Engineering Group oversaw a new approach. It was in catastrophic failure, mortar mostly gone and the bench missing. Cured-in-place pipe lining company Granite Inliner, unable to move their jetter through the bottom of this 48-inch diameter manhole, discovered the missing bench. They deemed this a safety concern, forbidding technicians re-entry until stabilized. Troy Reed of CTR Coatings was called in to examine the structure, documenting a huge problem. “We decided to reconstruct the bench with a fully structural repair method,” remembers Lindsey, “so CIPP crews

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Installer Spotlight: Advanced Lining, LLC

Installer Spotlight: Advanced Lining, LLC OBIC is excited to introduce the newest member of our installer network, Advanced Lining, LLC. Advanced Lining, LLC is a family-owned business located in Layton, Utah. Their service area covers Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah, where they offer a wide range of water and wastewater rehabilitation services. Advanced Lining, LLC was co-founded by Matt and Seth Huggins. Matt started working in the world of water and wastewater infrastructure in 2007. He has worked on a variety of successful and ongoing projects that include the acquisition, remediation and operation of private utilities in Montana and North Dakota as well as the founding and development of an operation and maintenance business. Prior to focusing on infrastructure, Matt earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Utah State University and a Master’s of Science in neuroscience from Stanford University. Seth Huggins started his work in

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Case Study: Union Terminal Station Fountain

Case Study: Union Terminal Station Fountain When most people think about water and wastewater rehabilitation, they think about manholes, pump stations and sewer systems. All of these are accurate, but it may be surprising to learn that OBIC products have a wide variety of applications that go beyond stormwater or wastewater system rehabilitation services. The Union Terminal Station fountain in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an example of the unexpected places OBIC products can be used. Project A once significant development in the history of Cincinnati, Union Station Terminal had long ago been converted to house the Cincinnati Museum Center. Built in 1933, the building was in need of significant repairs and restorations. When the Historical Society for Cincinnati began the project, they were also sure to include restoration of the building’s fountain in their plans. An iconic landmark, the fountain is rumored to be the inspiration behind the

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Case Study: Williams County Culvert

Case Study: Williams County Culvert When culverts have structural damage or deterioration, engineers are often faced with the difficult decision of delaying repairs or committing to the major cost of complete culvert replacement. The combination of budgetary constraints and the disruption of road closures during culvert replacements often force engineers to leave culverts in disrepair until the problem can no longer be ignored. Fortunately, OBIC’s spray applied lining system offers an alternative solution that enables engineers to repair severely damaged culverts rather than replace them. With OBIC, the life of the existing culvert can be extended by approximately 50 years. The spray applied lining also causes minimal disruption to traffic and is more affordable than replacing the structure. Challenge Williams County, located in rural northwest Ohio, was recently in need of a solution to repair a metal culvert with severe corrosion issues. The structure was a great

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Wastewater Rehab Challenges

Wastewater Rehab Challenges Aging sewer infrastructure is a problem facing the entire country. Systems put in place decades ago are beginning to deteriorate and become inefficient. For a long time, this was a major problem for cash strapped municipalities that did not have the budget for a total reconstruction of their damaged systems. Today, there are effective alternatives to total reconstruction that will rehabilitate damaged wastewater systems and extend the life of the structure by 50 years or longer. Advanced polyurea coatings are cost-effective and “designed to create highly elastic waterproof coating and lining systems that are resistant to chemicals and abrasions,” according to an article written by WaterWorld. The article goes on to say that “they are ideal linings for immersed surfaces and will resist hydrogen sulfide.” With the advancement in polyurea coating options to rehabilitate wastewater systems, it is easier than ever to maintain and

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Rostraver Township Sewage Authority Selects OBIC Products for Manhole Rehabilitation

Rostraver Township Sewage Authority Selects OBIC Products for Manhole Rehabilitation Rostraver Township Sewage Authority in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, was struggling with finding solutions for an aging sewer system. One neighborhood in particular was dealing with flooding on streets and in basements every time wet weather events occurred in the area. When the Township Sewage Authority received a grant to rehabilitate the sewer systems, they chose an OBIC certified installer to work on several manholes in the affected neighborhood. Ann Scott, manager at the Rostraver Township Sewage Authority, was immediately impressed with OBIC products. “I was fascinated with the end result,” she said, “the ease of installation, the environmentally friendly product, the entire process!” Advanced Rehabilitation Technology was the OBIC certified installer that Ann worked with for the manhole rehabilitation project. “My experience with the installers was great,’ she noted. Levi Diehl and Jake Harrison were the ART

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Case Study: Minnich Road Pump Station

Case Study: Minnich Road Pump Station When a pump station in Hoagland, Indiana, needed rehabilitation, Commonwealth Engineers INC. reached out to Advanced Rehabilitation Technology for a solution. ART, an OBIC certified installer located in Bryan, Ohio, assessed the pump station and recommended the OBIC Armor lining system to bring the pump station back to optimal performance. Challenge The pump station, located on Minnich Road, had been previously rehabilitated using a different lining system. When the ART crew began working on the pump station, it quickly became apparent that the previous lining system had failed due to improper installation. The previous company had applied the lining to an already degraded surface, which ultimately caused the system to fail. The ART crew now faced the challenge of safely removing the old liner systems, a time-consuming process with numerous safety concerns. The liner came off in piece of varying size,

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In-house chemists ensure quality in even the harshest environments

In-house chemists ensure quality in even the harshest environments At OBIC, we recognize that our customers have different needs and challenges. Our lining system must rise to the challenge of rehabilitating and protecting water and wastewater systems in a variety of unique and often harsh environments. Cookie cutter solutions do not always work for every customer. That is why the OBIC manufacturing facility employs 10 in-house chemists who are familiar with OBIC products and customer expectations. These chemists have decades of experience in the polyurethane and polyurea industry, allowing them to expertly evaluate specific application requirements for each customer. Below is an overview of the team’s qualification. Lab and quality manager with 30+ years of experience in the polyurethane and polyurea industry. Lab chemist with 10+ years in polyurethane and polyurea industry. Lab chemist with 4+ years in the polyurethane and polyurea industry. Technical manager with a

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Advanced polyurea coatings provide solution to aging wastewater infrastructure

Advanced polyurea coatings provide solution to aging wastewater infrastructure As much of our nation’s wastewater and sewer infrastructure continues to age, the demand for a high quality, affordable solution to infiltration and corrosion issues is on the rise.  Historically, wastewater structure rehabilitation has been a cumbersome and costly endeavor. Pump station rehabilitation, for example, once required digging up and replacing entire structures. Not only did this disrupt service for long periods of time, it would often result in road closures and safety concerns. Fortunately, advanced polyurea coatings provide a solution to this age-old problem. “Polyurea coatings and liners provide numerous benefits when it comes to the maintenance and repair of wastewater structures,” said Dustin Schlachter, CEO of OBIC. “The coatings are spray applied, which means they can be used on any configuration, and they are flexible enough to withstand the demands of the host structure. Perhaps the

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The OBIC advantage shared with customers

The OBIC advantage shared with customers Across the country, businesses in the water and wastewater systems maintenance industry are making the decision to install OBIC products. Backed by a team of chemists, and supported by third party, independent testing, OBIC products offer a competitive advantage that is unmatched in the industry. Of course, nothing speaks louder than the testimonial of a satisfied customer. Recently, OBIC’s flagship installer, Advanced Rehabilitation Technology explained to their customers why they have chosen to make the switch to OBIC products. We thought the letter said it best, and have shared it letter below. Dear Customer: We are excited to announce that Advanced Rehabilitation Technology has made a change to the products that we install, and are sending this letter to inform you of how this change will benefit all of our current and future customers. Advanced Rehabilitation Technology is proud to

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OBIC products offer environmentally friendly solutions that meet the demands of the Severe Wastewater Analysis Test

OBIC products offer environmentally friendly solutions that meet the demands of the Severe Wastewater Analysis Test Conservation strategies create new challenges for wastewater systems Eco-friendly products and services with a focus on conserving our natural resources are an emerging trend across the world. The water and wastewater industries are no exception to this global trend. Conservations strategies that have been implemented to protect vital groundwater reservoir supplies have proven beneficial, however, they are not without their challenges. The old joke – “the solution to pollution is dilution” actually helps to explain what is happening. Reduced flow results in increased holding time in the collection system. This leads to increased microbial action, and therefore enhances corrosive activity. High-performance protective coatings rise to the challenge As a cost-effective solution to water and wastewater rehabilitation, high-performance, spray applied coating systems were developed. A long-held belief was that these coatings, although affordable,

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