New Infrastructure is a Big Investment,

so Protect it From the Start

It’s common to protect our personal investments and assets, from insuring our homes and cars to buying an extended product warranty. We should also view underground infrastructure in the same way as it is a very costly and an extensive time investment for a municipality and its ratepayers. You may know OBIC for its water and wastewater rehabilitation products, but OBIC products can and should be used for new structures and not just for repairs of aging or damaged ones.

So what are the benefits of lining new water and wastewater structures?

  • It prevents infiltration in joints and pipe protrusions that may not be water tight or may become deteriorated or loose.
  • It prevents corrosion from even starting, which keeps your structure like new longer.
  • It is the most cost-effective and safest time for the installation of the products.

As an example, we recently worked on a project of a large pump station with a wet well measuring 22’x22’x50’ deep. They wanted an internal lining system installed right from the start. The cost for this was $112,000.00, only 1.45% of the $7.7 million project total. This small, additional investment for the liner will deliver the greatest ROI in comparison of the total project cost.

Another example is of a smaller station measuring 6’x17’ and the liner system installation for this cost $6,200.00. This was only 1.96% of the total project price of $316,241.00. If one were to take that same station offline to line it for a corrosion or infiltration issue that popped up later it would cost 4-5 times that amount due to bypassing and other functions such as traffic control, initial pump down and disposal.

This applies to potable water applications in basins and tanks as well. Installation costs are far less when installed in the new construction as you are not taking the structure offline later just to address an issue that could have been eliminated before it went online. And with a 50-year design life it is a worthwhile preventative measure to take.

Remember the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

What does our liner system in a new structure defend against? Read our blog, “What are the Main Causes of Manhole Deterioration?” to learn about just a few of the potential issues.

Products like OBIC 5000 and OBIC 1100 will help protect your new structure from the start. When it absolutely, positively must last, you can rest assured that OBIC products are:

  • Backed by a team of chemists who ensure consistent quality
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing company
  • Proven to be physically stronger
  • Include potable water system solutions that are approved for NSF/ANSI 61 barrier material
  • Are applied with minimal downtime and greater protection than thinner, less flexible materials
  • Offer significantly longer service life, allowing for a greater return on investment
  • Customizable to provide solutions for customers with unique needs

Contact your area’s OBIC-certified installer to budget for that ounce of prevention on your next new build project. If you’d like to learn more about the OBIC advantage, discuss your next project, or schedule a demo, please send an email to or call 866-636-4854 and our team will be happy to help you!