Expanding Our Market One “OBIC Advantage” At A Time

Across the country, businesses in the water and wastewater systems maintenance industry are making the decision to install OBIC products. Backed by a team of chemists, and supported by third party, independent testing, OBIC products offer a competitive advantage that is unmatched in the industry.

Of course, nothing speaks louder than the testimonial of a satisfied customer. Recently, OBIC’s flagship installer, Advanced Rehabilitation Technology explained to their customers why they have chosen to make the switch to OBIC products. We thought the letter said it best, and have shared it letter below.

Dear Customer:

We are excited to announce that Advanced Rehabilitation Technology has made a change to the products that we install, and are sending this letter to inform you of how this change will benefit all of our current and future customers.

Advanced Rehabilitation Technology is proud to have become a certified installer of OBIC products. OBIC is a new product line produced by one of the leading polymer manufacturers in the country. This manufacturer has 20 years of experience working with polymer products, and is dedicated to constant innovation and improvement. As an added benefit, OBIC products are all manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Advanced line of products that exceeds expectations

OBIC Armor 1000 took the same technology you are already familiar with and made several significant improvements. These improvements include:

  • Higher tear strength
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Higher elongation
  • Higher tensile strength

Additionally, a major competitive advantage offered through OBIC is that ART will no longer be limited to only one product line. This benefits you, as we can now customize each installation with the product that is right for your project. This includes product lines that are more “structural” for wastewater applications where the multi-layer polyurea/polyurethane system may not be the best fit.

 Opportunity to expand our market

The OBIC product line also includes solutions for potable water structures, allowing us to expand our market beyond the wastewater industry. These products are ANSI/NSF61 certified and are approved for uses that include potable water tank lining, secondary containment, clean room applications and coatings for food processing plants.

We are also now able to expand our geographic market with OBIC. Many of our general contractor and engineering firm customers have approached us to do work in areas outside of our previous restrictions. Partnering with OBIC has allowed us to expand our territory to include Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. We appreciate any referrals or leads in this expanded market, and are confident that OBIC products will exceed the expectations of both our current and future customers.

ART values our customers and we are making this change in order to provide you with the best service and materials for your needs. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

To learn more about the OBIC advantage, or to become a certified OBIC installer, contact us or call 419-636-3147.