Wet Wells

Harsh environments make lift stations and wet-wells vulnerable to corrosion

Lift stations are particularly vulnerable to the corrosive sewer environment. The continual pumping and movement of raw sewage through a lift station or wet-well facilitates the off-gassing of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This results in a corrosive environment that is more aggressive than what is typically found in a manhole. OBIC’s polyurea lining systems effectively restore these structures protecting them from harsh environmental and service conditions.

OBIC wet-well repairs require minimal downtime

Bypass pumping is costly in any lift station or pump station repair project. The longer the wet-well is out of commission, the more expensive the overall project. With OBIC’s spray applied polyurea lining system, those concerns are a thing of the past. Not only is installation more efficient than other wet-well repair options, but OBIC products are also quick to cure, meaning your systems will be back up and running with minimal downtime.

Ensuring a fast return to service does not mean that we sacrifice quality. As a matter of fact, OBIC products are proven to stop corrosion from microbial induced corrosion (MIC) of concrete structures, have excellent impact and abrasion resistance in harsh environments, and can extend the life of the wet-well for 50 years or more.

OBIC Pump Station Rehabilitation BeforeOBIC Pump Station Rehabilitation After

Wet-well repairs that can be customized to any size or configuration

OBIC Armor lining systems are ideal for rehabilitating and protecting lift stations and pump stations for many reasons, including their ability to offer custom solutions regardless of size or configuration. Round, square, rectangular or irregular shaped wet-wells can easily be repaired and protected with OBIC’s spray-applied products. They also adhere extremely well to properly prepared surface materials, including metal, wood, concrete and fiberglass.

Case Study

When a pump station in Hoagland, Indiana, needed rehabilitation, Commonwealth Engineers inc. reached out to Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART) for a solution. ART, an OBIC certified installer located in Bryan, Ohio, assessed the pump station and recommended the OBIC Armor lining system to bring the pump station back to optimal performance.

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Pump Station Rehabilitation

The OBIC Advantage

Our exclusive, flexible polymer coating systems are spray-applied and cure in just minutes. That saves time and money, all while providing greater protection than similar materials. Our products are backed by a team of chemists and third-party testing to ensure consistency and quality. Learn more about the OBIC advantage and why municipalities and companies choose OBIC when it absolutely, positively must last.

Schedule a customized product demonstration

OBIC wet well lining systems offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the structure. Product demonstrations can be conducted in an optional lunch and learn format, and we encourage you to invite anyone interested in learning more about OBIC products.