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Aging infrastructure leads to inefficiencies and water treatment repairs

Wastewater treatment plants across the country are dealing with an aging infrastructure, with most ranging from 50-100 years old. In addition to dealing with the inflow & infiltration issues caused by decades of exposure to highly corrosive H2S environments, many areas are also struggling to keep up with rapid population growth.

Systems put in place decades ago have become inefficient, but the cost of replacing them is too high for many municipalities. Fortunately, OBIC offers a high performance, cost-effective alternative for water treatment repairs that address inflow & infiltration issues, restore structural integrity and protect against future corrosion.

High-performance lining systems designed to repair and prevent corrosion

OBIC’s spray-applied polyurea and polyurethane lining systems are designed to rehabilitate and protect many different water treatment structures. Able to offer customized solutions for rehabilitating structures of every size, shape and material, OBIC polyurea products are designed to withstand highly corrosive environments while extending the life of the structure by 50 years or longer.

Also, many wastewater treatment plant structures are plagued by algae growth which can be very difficult to clean. An OBIC polyurea lining system will create a smooth surface that is not only easier to clean but also resists algae growth. Examples of successful OBIC lining system applications include:

  • EQ Basins
  • Influent channels
  • Headworks
  • Grit chambers
  • Clarifiers (primary & secondary)
  • Aeration Basins
  • Digesters
  • Distribution tunnels/channels
  • Sludge thickener tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Filter tanks
  • Chlorine contact chambers
OBIC Water Treatment Repair
OBIC Tank Lining

Schedule a customized product demonstration

OBIC lining systems offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the structure. Product demonstrations can be conducted in an optional lunch and learn format, and we encourage you to invite anyone interested in learning more about OBIC products.