OBIC Installer Expertly Resolves Manhole Inflow and Infiltration Issues for Municipality in Montana

At Advanced Lining LLC, an OBIC-certified installer in Layton, Utah serving the greater inter-mountain area of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, they know it’s important to get repairs and rehabilitation right when it comes to wastewater and industrial water infrastructure.

That’s why when a municipality located in northwest Montana discovered a line of nine manholes with significant leakages, they contacted Advanced Lining immediately to help resolve the ground water infiltration issues. These manholes had been installed in the mid-1960s and had been in place for at least five decades.

The primary challenge was that each hole had significant leaking that was causing nearly 75,000 gallons of water a day to be introduced into their collection system. In addition, the original, aged concrete of the manholes contained fairly severe corrosion levels that hindered the stopping of the leaks.

Luckily, Advanced Lining President, Seth Huggins, has extensive experience in the world of water and wastewater infrastructure and knew exactly how to best remedy this situation.

“After pressure-washing the structures, the process of leak stopping began,” said Huggins. “Leak stopping is a tedious and slow process at times. After drilling in behind the substrate, grout is injected into that hole above where the leaking is taking place. Our techs prefer to use OBIC 2230 HyperSeal because of the fast curing time. It flows into the compromised area, expands, and closes off the leaking.”

As what often happens in these infiltration situations, after stopping one leak, the water will move to the next path and start leaking elsewhere. Due to the extent of the corrosion, they ended up using over 30 containers of HyperSeal on nine 48” diameter manholes!


Once the leaking was eliminated, the Advanced Lining techs fully dried the manholes and inspected one final time before lining the structures with the OBIC 1000 multi-layer system, as it is designed to be flexible enough to withstand the demands of the structure and will extend the life of the manhole by 50 years or longer.

“As the saying in our company goes, PREP, PREP, PREP, and PREP again, then get orange on the wall,” said Huggins.

Huggins said, “This is a small community and they have already commented on the infiltration reduction in gallons per day they are seeing at their wastewater treatment plant. They made the comment to our crew onsite that they have over 600 manholes in their collection system and they plan to have us line them all in the coming years.”

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