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Across the world, municipalities, as well as businesses in the water and wastewater rehabilitation and coatings industry, are learning about the unmatched advantage of OBIC. Able to address everything from sewer lining inflow and infiltration issues to manhole rehabilitation, OBIC spray-applied coatings offer a variety of solutions that are customizable to meet the demands of even the most challenging water or wastewater structure rehabilitation project.

OBIC Brick Manhole Rehabilitation BeforeOBIC Brick Manhole Rehabilitation After

No-dig sewer rehab solutions offer a faster return on investment

OBIC offers water and wastewater structure rehabilitation options that provide long-term solutions to costly and sometimes dangerous situations. Our no-dig sewer rehab solutions mean that your systems can be back up and running with minimal downtime, offering a cost-effective solution with a faster return on investment.

OBIC provides a one-stop-shop to fit your need for no-dig sewer rehab from grouts to sewer coating, potable water, stormwater and bridge deck protection.

OBIC sewer lining repair has you back up and running in no time

With OBIC, you don’t have to replace your systems. Instead, you can maintain that same water or wastewater system and extend its life by 50 years or longer. OBIC’s no-dig technology not only stop current infiltration by replacing system linings it also addresses corrosion issues and prevents future problems. As an added benefit, the installation of OBIC products requires minimal downtime and disruption to service. We understand the importance of getting your services back up and running quickly.

Stormwater Culvert Rehabilitation
Stormwater Culvert Rehabilitation

When it absolutely, positively must last

Made of a flexible polymer that is environmentally friendly, OBIC sewer lining repair systems are spray applied and cure in minutes. This means that your next manhole rehabilitation will require minimum downtime and greater protection than thin film or more rigid materials. OBIC products are designed to stop degradation and enhance structural integrity for decades without cracking under the pressure of temperature changes or heavy traffic.

To ensure OBIC products continue to exceed expectations, they are continually tested and backed by a team of chemists who employ rigorous testing to ensure consistency and quality. Additionally, third-party testing has proven that OBIC products are physically stronger than many products available on the market.

Manhole Rehabilitation Before
Manhole Rehabilitation After

Customizable solutions for even the most challenging manhole rehabilitation project

Water and wastewater structure rehabilitation can require customized solutions depending on the issues and the industry. In these situations, OBIC’s team of chemists works with the customer to develop a customized solution that will meet their unique needs. Every customized product that OBIC offers is backed by our commitment to provide high quality, cost-effective alternatives to the replacement of water and wastewater system components through no-dig technology.

Water Structure Rehabilitation

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