What Is The Best Sewer System Coating? Everything You Need To Know About OBIC 1000

Every company believes its product is the best. Chevrolet believes their Silverado is better than Ford’s F-Series. Ford believes their F-Series is better than Dodge’s Ram, and the list goes on. The sewer lining coatings business is no different. When it comes to water and wastewater inflow/infiltration and corrosion issues there are a variety of options to choose from. Of course, only one rises to the top when it comes to long-lasting quality and a fast return on investment.

It may come as no surprise that OBIC believes our spray applied OBIC 1000 is the most cost-effective and long-lasting product on the market. What may be surprising is that, after decades of working in the sewer structure rehabilitation industry, we don’t just believe it, we can prove it.

Strong adhesion offers long-lasting protection against concrete degradation

Test results show that OBIC 1000 tenaciously adheres to properly prepared substrate. In other words, it is as stubborn as we are when it comes to extending the life of your structure by an average of 50 years or more. Alternative products that are marketed as effective for, as an example, concrete rehabilitation, may not have strong adhesion to the substrate. As a result, the hydrostatic pressure may eventually begin to push the liner away from the wall surface and allow groundwater infiltration. In a relatively short time, concrete degradation will begin to occur all over again.

It is important to note that concrete rehabilitation is just one example of where OBIC 1000 is effective. This versatile product adheres extremely well to other various, properly prepared, surfaces including metal, wood and fiberglass.

Flexible enough to withstand the demands of the host structure

OBIC 1000 is made of a flexible polymer that is designed to withstand the demands of the host structure. It won’t crack under the pressure of extreme temperature changes, wet/dry ground movement or traffic vibrations. Already have cracks and voids in your current structure? OBIC 1000 can handle that as well. Its 395% elongation allows it to fill and repair cracks and voids. Alternative products, like rigid cementitious and thin-film epoxy coatings, will typically crack over time, defeating the purpose of applying a sewer lining/coating in the first place.

Quick return to service reduces cost and headaches

OBIC 1000 is spray applied at elevated temperatures (~150⁰F) and cures in a matter of seconds. This allows a typical 10’ deep concrete manhole rehabilitation to be completed in about one hour. In the case of lift stations or treatment plant structures, the quick curing and rapid return to service can eliminate multiple days of by-pass pumping and associated costs that add up quickly. This is a huge advantage over epoxy coatings, some of which require several days of curing before you can return to service.

Durability that can withstand highly corrosive environments

With a high tensile strength of 3,315 psi, and excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, OBIC 1000 is ideally suited for the corrosive environment caused by the hydrogen sulfide in wastewater collection systems. As a result, OBIC 1000 provides decades of cost-effective protection. In comparison, cement will eventually become a victim of H2S corrosion and will typically need to be replaced much sooner than OBIC 1000. That is why many customers choose to protect their new concrete structures with OBIC 1000.

No need to wait for the perfect weather

OBIC 1000 can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions, virtually eliminating frustrating weather delays. Alternatively, epoxies and cementitious materials can prematurely fail if not installed in a relatively narrow range of temperatures and humidity levels. OBIC 1000 polyurea can be applied when atmospheric temperatures are below 0⁰C to over 50⁰C on the high side and with no real regard to humidity. This flexibility allows more work to be completed in less time, once again leading to less disruption and a quicker return to service.

10-year warranty

We believe so strongly that OBIC 1000 is a superior product, that we offer a 10-year manufacturer and applicator warranty. As polyurea usage continues to grow and the performance properties are acknowledged by more engineers and users, the life expectancy being stated in some trade publications is 75-years. We don’t want to over-estimate so we typically anticipate a 50-year lifespan for this versatile sewer lining coating.

Don’t take our word for it, see the OBIC advantage for yourself

Like a proud parent, we could go on forever bragging about OBIC 1000. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that our products are environmentally friendly, produced in an ISO 9000-2015 facility, or 100% solids content, meaning no VOCs.

Although we know that OBIC 1000 is the best product on the market, you don’t have to take our word for it. All OBIC products are backed by a team of chemists and proven effective by third party testing. We also have a long list of satisfied customers who are happy to talk to you about their experience with OBIC 1000. Call us at 866-636-4854 and let us show you the OBIC advantage.