Prevent Manhole Inflow And Infiltration Issues With These Tips From OBIC

When was the last time you inspected your system’s manholes? If your answer is an awkward silence, you are not alone. Many municipalities face challenges with limited budgets and resources, so manhole inspections are often put on the backburner until a noticeable problem occurs. Unfortunately, this means that you could have a manhole that is leaking groundwater right now.

Brick Manhole Rehabilitation Before

Although you may not yet see the impact on operations, you could have a leak that looks like this.

The cost of manhole leaks add up

Even the smallest leak has costs that begin to multiply over time. For example, a manhole that leaks two gallons of groundwater per minute will send over 1 million gallons per year to the wastewater treatment plant. According to one case study, this two-gallon leak will add up to almost $2,000 in a single year. If left unaddressed, the manhole will continue to deteriorate and the leak will continue to grow. As a result, that $2,000 quickly begins to multiply. Read more on this case study here.

Keep in mind, these calculations came from a single manhole leaking two gallons of water per minute. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, there are approximately 26 million manholes in the United States. The majority of these are decades old and beginning to deteriorate. Chances are strong that if you have one leaking manhole, you could easily have another 10, or 20 or 50 or more.

Stop inflow & infiltration and prevent future issues

OBIC’s manhole rehabilitation system provides a fast and affordable method for stopping inflow & infiltration issues with minimal downtime. We understand the need to balance a budget, and are committed to providing a product that offers long-lasting results with a fast return on investment. As a matter of fact, we are so confident in our product, that we offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until there is a problem to take advantage of OBIC’s manhole rehabilitation system. In addition to being one of the best options on the market for stopping leaks, we can also prevent them from ever happening. Uniquely designed to withstand the harsh environment of wastewater systems, OBIC’s manhole rehabilitation systems can protect and extend the life of your structure by 50 years or longer. For added peace of mind, our leak prevention plan also mitigates potential street flooding and risk of SSOs, structural collapse and wastewater treatment plant capacity permit violations caused by a significant rain event.

Manhole Rehabilitation After

With minimal downtime, that manhole that was leaking groundwater could be protected with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and look more like this.

Hundreds of configurations all with one solution

There are hundreds of different manhole configurations, sizes, shapes and materials of construction, but that doesn’t stop OBIC’s spray-applied manhole rehabilitation system from getting the job done. Made of a flexible polymer that is environmentally friendly, OBIC coating systems are ideal for structures of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, unlike alternative rigid products, OBIC’s flexible polymers won’t crack under the pressure of temperature changes or heavy traffic.

We read somewhere that, as a general rule, for every dollar spent on preventative maintenance, you will save at least five dollars in subsequent expenses. Although we haven’t conducted a case study on that yet, we do know that OBIC products are designed to extend the life of your structure by 50 years or longer. The peace of mind that comes with that is priceless.

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