What To Look For In A Manhole Rehabilitation Company – Balance Quality And Cost

The wastewater structure rehabilitation industry is flooded with installers who are singularly focused on offering the lowest price. They never stay with a product manufacturer long enough to fully develop a relationship. While a lower cost may seem attractive, especially to cash-strapped municipalities with aging infrastructure, the quality of products and services is sacrificed.

At OBIC, we understand the need to balance quality and cost while also establishing long-term relationships with our network of installers. Not only do we offer high-quality products, but we also take the time to ensure that our certified installers have the support and training they need to tackle even the most challenging wastewater rehabilitation project.

When it absolutely, positively must last, our trained installers know exactly how to use OBIC products to deliver true quality to the consumer.

A partnership that ensures quality

OBIC is DRIVEN by our philosophy of Dedication, Respect, Integrity, Vision, Excellence and Nobility. This guides every decision we make, including the relationships we build with our installers. This means offering continuous training and field support that helps them become more skilled with every installation. As a result, OBIC certified installers develop a skill set that gives them an advantage over the competition. Their expert installation combined with OBIC’s superior products ensure the highest quality service for their customers.

On the flip side, when manufacturers don’t focus on building relationships with their installers, they can easily fall victim to the endless cycle of price wars. With price driving decision-making, it is unlikely that an investment will ever be made in research and development to improve their product line.

The OBIC advantage is in our commitment to working closely with our installers and investing in continuous improvements. To ensure OBIC products exceed expectations, they are continually tested in the field and in the lab. In addition to our own rigorous testing that ensures consistency and quality, third-party testing has proven that OBIC products are physically stronger than other products available on the market.

In the difficult environment of wastewater structure rehabilitation, this is how we remain committed to offering high-quality, long-lasting products and services. This is how we are building the industry’s best brand.

If you are interested in joining our growing team of OBIC certified installers, give us a call at 866-633-3417 or visit www.obicproducts.com.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our installers have to say about the OBIC advantage.

“We chose OBIC products for a variety of reasons. In addition to offering a superior product line, OBIC also provides support and training opportunities for their installers.”

  • Matt Huggins, Advanced Lining, LLC

“The flexibility offered by the OBIC product line allows us to tackle any job that needs to be done. As business owners, this gives us the resources we need to continue to meet customer demand and grow our business.”

  • Byron Baker, Midwest Infrastructure Coatings, LLC

“We feel that the OBIC line of products offers us a variety of solutions to address our client’s needs. The fact that OBIC multi-layer is backed by a 10-year warranty and priced competitively helped solidify the decision to become an OBIC installer.”

  • Michael Hoffmaster, Pleasants Construction, Inc.

“The foundation of our success is based on the relationship we have with our customers. They trust us because they know we are committed to professionalism, attention to detail, safety and the use of the most advanced products in the industry. We chose to partner with OBIC because they share that commitment.”

  • Charlotte Reed, CTR Coatings

“The standards OBIC sets for itself and for the products they offer are high. This is why we are proud to join the OBIC team and expand the superior reputation they hold.”

  • Mara Kilburn, Precision Trenchless, LLC