Pleasants Construction Performs Successful Metal Pipe Riser Rehabilitation in Maryland

Pleasants Construction, Inc. is an OBIC-certified installer based in Clarksburg, Maryland, with a service area of Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and Delaware. The Rehabilitation Division of Pleasants was working on a project in northern Baltimore, Maryland for an MDE and local municipal storm water management division. The structure in need of rehabilitation (shown below) was a bituminous-coated corrugated metal pipe riser (overflow) barrel. Inspections had reported that rust and corrosion were starting to peel and deteriorate the existing bituminous coating.

Existing bituminous coating deteriorating within riser structure.


Brian Lippy, Director of Construction – Rehabilitation for Pleasants, said of the challenges inherent in this sort of project, “Typically when working a “riser barrel structure” that is located in a storm water management pond/facility, the hardest, most challenging aspect will be the terrain. Many obstacles can play a part in this with regards to distance from an access road or drive, the grade or slope (if the barrel is located at the dam of a pond) or water within the pond if it is a wet pond. Removing the overflow trash basket will usually involve a piece of equipment to lift the top allowing access into the riser pipe. Then setting up the proper safety protection for the working crew becomes critical.”

After assessing the work area and surroundings to ensure a safe work area and access into the riser pipe, the Pleasants installation team – Michael Brennan, Foreman and Juan Rayo, Tech 1 Sprayer – set up the trucks and equipment to most efficiently allow for performing the media blasting of the inside surface of the riser structure.


Then, a high-pressure air compressor using medium grit blasting material was used to clean the bituminous coating and other contaminants off the pipe surface. The corrugated metal pipe was then primed by the spray crew using OBIC 1503 S Steel Primer, which is an urethane primer for steel substrate surfaces. This primer creates lasting adhesion with the finish coating. After the primer had cured, the crew began spray applying OBIC Armor 1200C, a semi–structural polyurea hybrid coating that is formulated to rehab culverts and pipelines.

Riser pipe after it was media blasted and cleaned.

Weeks after the installation, the site was inspected by the client who reported that there were no longer any signs of infiltration present. “By using the OBIC Armor 1200C, with its strong bonding capabilities, we eliminated possibilities of future corrosion and infiltration, and it has excellent impact resistance and abrasion protection,” said Lippy. “OBIC products are designed to extend the life of culvert pipes, as well as riser structures, by approximately 50 years with no maintenance required. In addition to that extended life expectancy, OBIC products also ensure greater structural integrity with zero impact to the surrounding area and environment.”


Riser structure pipe after OBIC Armor 1200C coatings


With over 55 years of experience in the industry, Pleasants Construction, Inc. has built a proud tradition of excellence which was achieved through an emphasis on effective communication and a proactive approach to meeting all the needs of their clients. For more information about Pleasants Construction, Inc. and their underground rehabilitation services, visit or call 301.428.0800.

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