OBIC Announces New Underground Infrastructure Installer in Canada: infraStruct Products and Services

OBIC is proud to introduce infraStruct Products and Services as this month’s Installer Spotlight. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Edmonton, Alberta, with a services division serving primarily western Canada, infraStruct is a leading distributor of municipal infrastructure accessory products for water, wastewater, and storm pipelines. Founded nearly 30 years ago, infraStruct is a blend of two previously separate companies. Martech DSS, now the “Products” division, was started 30 years ago and the ownership group took over the business 16 years ago. West Coast Grouting, now the “Services” division, has been in business for 20 years. With 20 employees from coast to coast, infraStruct will support OBIC-applied partners throughout the entire country.


InfraStruct is very excited to have begun installing OBIC products, as it expands service options for clients in need of manhole rehabilitation. In fact, they have already published a successful project that used the OBIC multi-layer system on their website!

They love the sandwich concept of the OBIC product line – it’s simple and intuitively easy to understand that the hoop strength is just a better assembly. Their client base will benefit from OBIC’s monolithic, waterproof structure, as well as being able to reset the “life-cycle clock” of the asset.

As an OBIC-certified installer, it adds to the company’s credibility within the marketplace for bringing unique, elegantly simple, economically advantageous, and most importantly, highly-effective solutions to previously difficult-to-solve challenges.

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