350 Sewer Manholes To Rehabilitate? Not A Problem For Advanced Rehabilitation Technology!



Advanced Rehabilitation Technology, an OBIC certified installer, was recently contracted to rehabilitate 350 sewer manholes in the town of Tonawanda, New York.

One of the biggest challenges facing the ART installation teams was limited access to some of the manholes needing rehabilitation. Six manholes were located on a golf course while another sixty were located in residential yards. Despite this challenge, every manhole was successfully rehabilitated while maintaining good relationships with the residents and zero damage to the golf course.

Ronald Boss, senior construction inspector assigned as field supervisor of the project had this to say about the ART. “The ART crews worked together to achieve a quality product for the client. If there were any challenges or concerns, they were addressed immediately,” said Ronald. “It has been a pleasure working with such a great group of people with that can-do attitude.”

Read more about the Tonawanda manhole rehabilitation project on the Advanced Rehabilitation Technology website.