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Providing cost-effective solutions to sewer system inflow & infiltration

Aging sewer infrastructure is a problem facing the entire country. Systems put in place decades ago are beginning to deteriorate from H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) corrosion and become inefficient. For a long time, this was a major problem for cash-strapped municipalities that did not have the budget for a total reconstruction of their damaged systems. 

Fortunately, OBIC products offer trenchless sewer repair as an alternative to costly and disruptive reconstruction. Our customized lining systems are spray-applied and cure in minutes, requiring minimal disruption to services. With an experienced OBIC certified installer on the job, your systems will be up and running at peak efficiency in no time.

Manhole Rehabilitation on Municipal Wastewater Project

Protect your wastewater structure from hydrogen sulfide corrosion

OBIC products are all backed by a team of chemists who work hard to ensure that our lining systems protect your water and sanitary sewer system from H2S corrosion. Commonly found in wastewater systems, H2S creates a highly corrosive environment that eventually leads to sewer system inflow and infiltration issues. By protecting your sewer systems with OBIC sewer coating, you not only extend the life of your structure by 50 years or longer, but you also increase your system efficiency.

Stop sewer inflow & infiltration issues from shrinking your budget

If rainy days have you down, OBIC sewer coatings may be the solution you need. Cracks in concrete walls and damaged or missing gasket material in fittings or joints are minor problems that have a massive impact if left unaddressed. Since wastewater treatment plants can’t tell the difference between clean groundwater and dirty wastewater, you need to stop the leaks before they lead to unnecessarily high energy costs and chemical purchases.

OBIC Armor and multi-layer system all backed by a 10-year warranty

There are hundreds of different configurations, sizes, shapes and materials of construction when it comes to wastewater structures. That is why OBIC products were designed with the understanding that no two jobs are the same. Every product that OBIC offers is customizable and backed by our commitment to providing high quality, cost-effective water and wastewater structure rehabilitation solutions.

Our products are backed by a team of chemists who employ rigorous testing to ensure consistency and quality. Additionally, third-party testing has proven that OBIC products are physically stronger than similar products available on the market. We are so confident in the quality of our professionally installed multi-layer system and OBIC Armor system that we offer a 10-year warranty.

To read more about OBIC municipal wastewater and sanitary sewer projects, check out the Case Studies on our Blog.

Manhole Rehabilitation BeforeManhole Rehabilitation After

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