Advanced Lining Featured In Cleaner Magazine and I&I Magazine

OBIC certified installer, Advanced Lining LLC, located in Layton, Utah, was recently featured in two different industry magazines. A division of Advanced Pump and Equipment, Advanced Lining LLC has been an OBIC certified installer since 2019.

“We are proud to share the success stories of our installers,” said Dustin. “Advanced Lining LLC has worked hard to earn a strong reputation in the water and wastewater rehabilitation industry. They deserve the recognition that comes with being featured in these articles.”

Cleaner Magazine: Advanced Lining Enters New Territory to Offer Coating and Lining Services

In this article, co-founder Seth Huggins shares how Advanced Lining LLC came to be and explains why they decided to partner with OBIC.  “The Huggins brothers decided that the best route would be to work with a single vendor who could supply a wide variety of products and equipment to streamline training and support…” Read the full article here.

I&I Magazine

Operating in an area with high water tables, Advanced Lining LLC has seen its share of inflow & infiltration issues. According to this article, anecdotal studies indicate that approximately 50% of the water treated at local water treatment facilities is due to the infiltration of clean groundwater.

Co-founder Seth Huggins discusses how Advanced Lining LLC is working to raise awareness of the impact I&I has on operating costs. By installing OBIC’s polyurea coating systems, they can resolve inflow & infiltration issues and extend the life of aging infrastructure. “There can be tremendous sources of I&I, even in a brand-new system structure, so taking the opportunity at this stage is an efficient and relatively inexpensive thing for cities to consider as a way to seal current and future I&I from the system.” Read the full article here.

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