OBIC Products Go Beyond Manhole Rehabilitation In A Project To Honor Veterans In Ohio

OBIC Products Go Beyond Manhole Rehabilitation in a Project to Honor Veterans in Whitehouse, Ohio

When the City of Whitehouse approved funding for the construction of a new Veterans Memorial Park, they immediately began searching for high-quality contractors who could help them build a memorial that would honor their community veterans. While, on the surface, this may not seem like a project for OBIC products, it turned out to be the perfect fit.

It was actually below the surface where OBIC products were most effective on this project – below the surface of the Veterans Memorial Fountain located at the center of the park. “ART had just completed work on the Union City Terminal Fountain in Cincinnati, Ohio,” said Gary Mock, vice president of sales at Advanced Rehabilitation Technology, an OBIC certified installer. “This was the perfect case study to showcase how OBIC products can protect historically important sites from damage caused by cracks and leaks in the concrete.” (Read more about the Union City Terminal Station Fountain on our blog.)

Protecting against concrete degradation

While manholes and water treatment plants are often top of mind when thinking about water and wastewater rehabilitation, OBIC products are the ideal solution for protecting any concrete surface. One of the most widely used and versatile construction materials, concrete is used for everything from bridge decking to decorative park fountains. Unfortunately, it also has one major flaw. Concrete is susceptible to corrosion and degradation, especially when exposed to corrosive environments and harsh weather conditions.

That is where OBIC comes in. Our high-performance lining system, used on the Veterans Memorial Fountain, will protect against concrete degradation caused by decades of harsh Ohio winters and chemically treated water. Although you may not see our trademark orange lining in the beautiful park fountain, it is there, below the surface, protecting this memorial for generations of families to enjoy.

Manhole rehab project helped lay the groundwork

Before ART was hired to work on the Veteran Memorial Fountain, they had worked with the City of Whitehouse on a manhole rehabilitation project. The city’s aging infrastructure forced them to take action to restore several deteriorating manholes. ART’s professional work on this project and the performance of the OBIC lining system made them the city’s first choice when considering how best to protect the park’s fountain.

“We stand behind OBIC products because we know that they are versatile enough to meet all of our customers’ needs and strong enough to last for decades,” said Mock. “OBIC products are also American made, which made us proud to be applying them to this fountain that now honors the city’s veterans.”

For more information on OBIC products and applications, visit our website or call 866-636-4854.

Thank you to our nation’s veterans

This Veteran’s Day, we want to take a moment to give our heartfelt appreciation to all veterans, service members killed in action, active-duty military and first responders. We are thankful for the freedom and security we enjoy in the United States due to your commitment and sacrifice.