Stormwater Culverts

Culvert lining rehab without traffic or service disruption

When culverts have structural damage or deterioration, engineers are often faced with the difficult decision of delaying repairs or committing to the major cost of complete culvert replacement. The combination of budgetary constraints along with the headache caused by the disruption of road closures during culvert replacements often forces engineers to leave culverts in disrepair until the problem can no longer be ignored.

Fortunately, OBIC’s spray-applied culvert lining rehab system offers an alternative solution that enables engineers to repair severely damaged culverts rather than replace them. With OBIC, the life of the existing culvert can be extended by approximately 50 years. The spray-applied lining also causes minimal disruption to traffic and is more affordable than replacing the structure.

Take the headache out of culvert rehabilitation and maintenance

Maintenance and repair of stormwater drainage systems are essential in order to avoid the headache of replacing the entire structure. OBIC 1200 is a high flexural modulus semi-structural monolithic coating for pipeline and culvert rehabilitation. Made to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy traffic, OBIC 1200 has excellent impact resistance and abrasion protection. Ideal for culvert lining rehab, this spray-applied lining system is formulated specifically for the rehabilitation of stormwater, wastewater, steel and concrete pipe repairs.

Extend the life of your culvert by 50 years with no maintenance required

Although the true test of a culvert rehabilitation’s effectiveness can only be proven by its performance, OBIC products are designed to extend the life of the culvert for approximately 50 years with no maintenance required.  In addition to the extended life expectancy of the culvert, OBIC products also ensure greater structural integrity. Unlike culvert replacement, culvert rehabilitation with OBIC products can be completed with minimal impact on traffic flow.

OBIC Culvert Rehabilitation
OBIC Culvert Rehabilitation

Schedule a customized product demonstration

OBIC culvert lining systems offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the structure. Product demonstrations can be conducted in an optional lunch and learn format, and we encourage you to invite anyone interested in learning more about OBIC products.