Successful Rehab With Transportation Coatings at

Food Processing Plant

As an OBIC-certified installer, CTR Coatings is experienced in offering customized solutions for even the most challenging coatings project. One such project was for a food processing plant located in southeast Mississippi. The plant’s wash drain (weep pad), where truck trailers were parked to be cleaned and drained prior to reloading, had missing and broken concrete, and was in need of a rehabilitation solution that would provide a long-term protective coating.


A food processing plant has a heavy rotation of transport trucks loading and unloading. Maintaining clean trailers was paramount to them to prevent cross-contamination of food in transit in order to meet industry best practices concerning cleaning, inspection, maintenance, loading and unloading of vehicles and transportation equipment. The plant could not afford the downtime required to demolish and replace the weep pad. Additionally, the wash water associated with cleaning equipment and vehicles can contain petroleum products (i.e. oil and grease), sediment, detergents, and other potential pollutants, and the food processing company needed a long-term solution that would withstand and protect against this harsh environment.

To begin the rehab process, the CTR Coatings installation team went to work by properly prepping the surface area of the entire weep pad. They cleaned and removed all oil, dust, grease, dirt, and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion of the OBIC products selected to remedy the issue.

After the weep pad was dry, they applied the OBIC Armor 1000 aromatic polyurea base coat. The OBIC polyurea lining system adheres extremely well to concrete and creates a smooth surface that is not only easier to clean but also resists algae growth – perfect for a truck wash. Additionally, OBIC 1000 provides a seamless monolithic waterproof membrane that is tough and durable and has excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

Next, CTR installed OBIC 1150 Polyaspartic top coating with an anti-skid additive. OBIC 1150 is a two-component polyaspartic material with many benefits that make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. These include:

  • Superior chemical & stain resistance
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Quick curing
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • UV Stable, resulting in very little loss of gloss or color fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight


During the project, the CTR installation team faced extreme heat weather challenges, but they were able to work at night to get around this. And as with any busy industrial facility, they also had to coordinate and work around other contractors at the location.


The OBIC product line used for this project provided a rehabilitation method that did not involve demolition and replacement. It helped the plant’s weep pad by preventing damage from the natural elements and cleaning products. CTR explained to their client that as long as they only use the recommended chemicals for cleaning and in the right concentration, then the life expectancy of the product could be even longer. When it absolutely, positively must last, our trained installers know exactly how to use OBIC products to deliver true quality to the consumer.


While traditionally utilized for municipal wastewater and sanitary sewer, and stormwater culverts applications, this successful project shows the depth and breadth of how the OBIC product line can help virtually any water and wastewater structure. The OBIC advantage means that when you see our trademark orange color, you know it’s OBIC quality.

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