OBIC Announces New Sewer And Infrastructure Rehab Installer In Missouri: Midwest Infrastructure Coatings

OBIC is excited to introduce Midwest Infrastructure Coatings LLC as the newest member of our installer network. Based in Missouri, their service area includes Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

A family-owned business, Midwest Infrastructure Coatings is owned and operated by Bryon Baker and his son Kolby. “We are a small, grassroots company that started from nothing more than a truck, a wheelbarrow and a bucket of tools,” said Bryon. “As we have grown, we have established a solid reputation with our customers. They know that we are committed to offering the highest level of products and services on every job.”

That commitment to quality and customer service is what drew them to OBIC. “We are working on infrastructure, and it is essential that we have a long-lasting product that can withstand the harsh environment of wastewater systems,” said Bryon. “The 10-year warranty offered on OBIC products shows that they are confident in their product and reinforces our confidence as OBIC installers.”

Sewer lining repair vital with aging infrastructures

Aging sewer infrastructure is a problem that is affecting nations across the world, and Midwest Infrastructure Coatings’ service area is no exception. Systems put in place decades ago are beginning to deteriorate and become inefficient as sewer lining inflow and infiltration issues continue to damage efficiency and structural integrity. According to Bryon, the OBIC product line offers a solution to address a wide range of issues.

“The flexibility offered by the OBIC product line allows us to tackle any job that needs to be done,” said Bryon. Regardless of the severity of the Inflow and infiltration issues or the shape, size or material of the structure, OBIC has a customizable solution. “As business owners, this gives us the resources we need to continue to meet customer demand and grow our business.”

Experience you can trust

Midwest Infrastructure Coatings joins the OBIC installer network with a combined 29 years of experience. Bryon has worked in the construction industry for 23 years as a concrete contractor and his son, Kolby, has worked by his side for the past 6 years.

Confidence in OBIC products and the flexibility they offer were two major selling points of becoming an OBIC installer, but it was the people that sealed the deal for Midwest Infrastructure. “They are a family-owned business that, like us, built their company from the ground up. They are just outstanding people, very helpful and committed to ensuring we have everything we need to succeed.”

For more information about Midwest Infrastructure Coatings LLC and their sewer lining repair and manhole rehabilitation services, visit You can also contact them at 573.437.4000 or

Business Minded.  Purpose Driven.

OBIC is committed to ensuring that our installers have everything they need to build a successful business. From product development to installer support and training, we are dedicated to providing superior, long-lasting solutions for water and wastewater rehabilitation.

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