Manhole Lining Process

Learn more about what it takes to prepare and line a manhole. Follow along step-by-step with this project in Moscow, Idaho.

Municipality Project

Learn more about why this Michigan municipality selected OBIC products for its manhole repair and rehabilitation project.

OBIC Installation Process

Learn more about the manhole lining process for OBIC products.

Project Spotlight: Union Terminal Fountain

The Union Terminal restoration project included the installation of a polyurea waterproofing membrane inside the fountain. This will protect the concrete from chlorinated water and prevent it from leaking into the tunnel and museum below. The polyurea application was overlaid with a terrazzo, restoring the fountain to its original beauty.

The OBIC Advantage

Our exclusive, flexible polymer coating systems are spray-applied and cure in just minutes. That saves time and money, all while providing greater protection than similar materials. Our products are backed by a team of chemists and third-party testing to ensure consistency and quality. Learn more about the OBIC advantage and why municipalities and companies choose OBIC when it absolutely, positively must last.

Dustin Schlachter on InfraTalk

Learn more about OBIC products and how this line of polymer coating products is uniquely positioned to a variety of industries.