Transportation / Stormwater Culverts

Aging transportation infrastructure make rehabilitation a priority

According to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, 1 in 3 bridges in the United States needs to be repaired or replaced.  More than 46,000 bridges are rated in poor condition and classified as “structurally deficient,” and 81,000 bridges should be replaced. Some of the notable structurally deficient bridges in 2019 include the heavily traveled Brooklyn Bridge in New York and the Teddy Roosevelt bridge in Washington, D.C.

As the U.S. population continues to increase, placing even more demands on the aging transportation infrastructure, tunnel and bridge rehabilitation will continue to be a priority.

Protective coatings ideal for rehabilitation of bridges and tunnels

OBIC’s polyurea lining system offers an ideal solution for rehabilitating concrete and steel bridge decking, tunnels, parking garage structures and pedestrian walkways. A few of the most notable benefits include:

  • Spray applied solutions that offer seamless rehabilitation of cracks and irregular surfaces
  • Rapid cure technology, even in extreme temperatures, requires minimal downtime and traffic disruption
  • Waterproof solutions that are resistant to corrosion and damage caused by water, salt and chemicals
  • Flexible polymers that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions without cracking under the pressure of the host structure
  • Strong and able to restore the structural integrity of extensively damaged structures
  • Customizable solutions backed by a team of chemists and third-party testing
  • Long-lasting technology that can extend the life of the bridge decking or structure by 50 years or longer
  • Environmentally friendly
Protective Coatings for Bridge Rehabilitation

Corrugated Metal Stormwater Culverts

OBIC semi-structural polyurea-hybrid is ideal for stormwater culverts. Governmental agencies with concrete or corrugated metal culverts consider several items when deciding to either replace or rehabilitate stormwater culverts.

  • Hydraulic capacity
  • Structural capacity
  • Traffic volume
  • Height of fill over the culvert pipe
  • Remaining service life
  • Risk assessment

The performance of semi-structural OBIC material with its high abrasion resistance has proven to be exceptional for a variety of stormwater culvert installations.

OBIC Culvert Rehabilitation

Schedule a customized product demonstration

OBIC lining systems offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the structure. Product demonstrations can be conducted in an optional lunch and learn format, and we encourage you to invite anyone interested in learning more about OBIC products.