Our Philosophy

Providing long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for water and wastewater structure rehabilitation

In Latin, obic is the root word for barrier. When OBIC was founded in 2017, we couldn’t think of a better name to represent our products. Providing a long-lasting, cost-effective barrier of protection for water and wastewater structure rehabilitation is our mission, but ensuring that our products are rigorously tested and customizable for each customer is our passion. After all, our customers depend on consistent quality and services. What keeps our jobs interesting is that, though our products are predictably effective and long-lasting, no two jobs are ever the same.

Ideal for manhole linings and structures of all sizes

From private industries whose profitability depends on long-lasting potable water tank linings, to public utility departments who manage water and sanitary sewer systems that support thousands of customers, OBIC offers the best solution for all of your water and wastewater structure rehabilitation needs.

Made of a flexible polymer that is environmentally friendly, OBIC coating systems are spray applied and cure in minutes. This makes them ideal for everything from manhole linings and sewer pipe coatings to potable water tank rehabilitation and transportation coatings. Additionally, unlike alternative rigid products, OBIC’s flexible polymers won’t crack under the pressure of temperature changes or heavy traffic.

Wastewater structure rehabilitation with a 10-year warranty

OBIC is committed to providing our customers and communities with high quality, cost-effective water and wastewater structure rehabilitation solutions. Unlike replacement projects, using OBIC for manhole linings or sewer pipe coatings requires minimal disruption to services or traffic flow.

Using our no-dig technology to repair your sewer system inflow and infiltration issues means that we can have you back up and running at full efficiency in no time.  In many cases, OBIC products can extend the life of your structure for up to 50 years with a faster return on investment than replacement projects. As a matter of fact, we believe in our products so much that we include a 10-year warranty on professionally installed products.

These simple guiding principles, along with our faith, are how we do business. This also drives us to do more in the communities we call home. OBIC is a growing company that has a goal of giving 10% of our profits back to our local communities. Not only do we want our business to grow, we want to invest in the opportunities available for people in our communities to grow and thrive. With OBIC, you can be confident that you are working with people you can trust who are working to build the kingdom.