Pennsylvania No-Dig Sewer Rehab Enabled Treatment Plants To Operate Efficiently

Menallen Township, located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, is rich in history. Formed in 1783, the township is home to a National Historic Landmark, the Searights Tollhouse. Remnants of a once booming coal industry can also be found throughout the landscape of the township.  While these nostalgic reminders of history add to the township’s tourism, there was one historical structure that was only causing problems.

Beneath the surface of Menallen Township was an aging sewer system in desperate need of repair. According to Sam McVicker of K2 Engineering Inc. and Menallen Township Sewage Authority Engineer, stormwater infiltration was causing treatment plant overloads. As the problem continued to worsen, McVicker began the search for an affordable and effective manhole rehabilitation solution for the township.

After thorough research, McVicker chose to pursue a spray-applied lining system for the manhole rehab project. “The main focus of the project was time and cost savings,” said McVicker. He chose Advanced Rehabilitation Technology, an OBIC certified installer to lead the manhole repair efforts.

“The benefits of a spray-applied lining system for manhole rehabilitation are numerous,” said Rusty Hesselschwardt, business development at ART. “OBIC lining systems have been proven to effectively rehabilitate manholes that vary in age, construction and deterioration. They also cure in minutes, so require minimal system downtime and traffic disruptions.”

Manhole Repair Challenges

Menallen Township had approximately 20 sewage manholes that were in various stages of deterioration. Inclement weather proved to be a challenge throughout the project as crews from ART worked to install a manhole lining system that would eliminate the infiltration of stormwater and allow treatment plants to operate efficiently.

Life Expectancy of Manhole Lining Systems

In spite of the weather and traffic challenges, the OBIC manhole lining system was installed, extending the life of the manholes substantially. ART installers were able to completely eliminate all stormwater infiltration into the sewage system, so treatment plants were no longer overloaded.

OBIC manhole lining systems come with a 10-year warranty, however, McVicker is confident that the product will outlast that warranty with no issues. “It appears to be an extremely durable product, and the installation was excellent,” he noted. McVicker went on to praise ART for their excellent service and expert installation. “Right from the beginning of speaking with Rusty Hesselschwardt, we felt really comfortable and confident that this was going to be a great experience. He and his crew did not disappoint. Overall from the cost savings, fast completion and the well-trained crew from ART, this project could not have gone any better. I would highly recommend ART and this product to anyone.”

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