Culvert Lining Rehab Means Better Than New at a Fraction of the Cost

OBIC is best known for its work around wastewater structures such as manholes, lift stations, and WWTP facilities that help municipalities mitigate their infrastructure issues. Another infrastructure issue equally “out of sight and out of mind” is stormwater culverts. Culverts installed 30 to 50 years ago are now failing at an alarming rate. Thousands of corrugated metal culverts are so significantly rusted and deteriorated that flooding or collapsed roads are very real possibilities and scenarios. A collapsed culvert is potentially a much greater problem than a collapsed manhole, however. If that culvert is beneath a busy thoroughfare, traffic disruption could be significant and a dig and replace repair will be costly and time-consuming. A collapsed manhole can be bypassed with a pumping system and replaced in a few days. While clearly unpleasant, it pales in comparison to a culvert collapse under your busiest highway.

We’re not trying to be alarmists here, but it may be worth your while to check on the health of the stormwater culverts you’re responsible for. Tell-tale signs of pavement distress such as cracking, settlement, joint separation and related problems may indicate worsening conditions. Likewise, debris buildup, clogging, or flow reduction can also be indicators of culvert problems. The good news is that culvert lining repairs can be made to restore it to a better than new level of structural adequacy and integrity for a fraction of the cost to replace.

If your stormwater culverts are in need of rehab, OBIC can help with that unfortunate situation. OBIC Armor 1200C is a spray-applied, semi-structural hybrid polyurea culvert pipe lining system designed as a rehabilitation product for concrete and corrugated metal culverts. It has excellent impact resistance and abrasion protection, which is essential in a stormwater environment where large rocks, logs and branches are being swept through the structure. Typically a corrugated culvert rehab consists of proper surface preparation, installation of a reinforced concrete invert, and a spray applied internal lining of OBIC’s Armor 1200C. The best part? It extends the life of your culvert for approximately 50 years with no maintenance required, so you can focus on other priority issues.

Culverts represent a significant portion of our infrastructure and require the same attention as roads, bridges, and water and wastewater infrastructure. OBIC is here to help extend the service life of culverts through maintenance of structural and hydraulic performance.

The OBIC team can help you find a cost-effective, no-dig solution to all of your municipal and industrial water and wastewater needs. Complete the Contact Us form, or give us a call at 866-636-4854 to request information or schedule an OBIC product demonstration.