Manhole Appreciation Day, Anyone?


Much like Rodney Dangerfield who “got no respect”, by and large manholes don’t get much respect either. They’re located under the street where they are run over millions of times per year by cars, snowplows, bikes, and pedestrians. They might even be buried in a right-of-way, or covered and lost entirely. Manholes definitely fall into the category of “out of sight, out of mind”.

But have you ever thought about where our collection system would be without the manhole? While “man-way” sewer access dates back to ancient Roman times, something akin to the style of today’s manhole began to appear almost 200 years ago. Throughout all of that time, while history marched on above the surface, manholes were quietly doing their job of providing access to the sewer line for inspection or cleaning, providing directional connection points, and facilitating system design and construction. Additionally, they allow the sewer system a critical ventilation process to help dilute toxic gasses and odors.

All they ask in return for their years of loyal service is a little attention and maintenance! Perhaps stop some groundwater infiltration leakage and give them a nice new liner system for some corrosion protection and an extended life span.

Our family of certified OBIC installers can help you “reconnect” with your manhole family and give them the respect they have earned. They would likely appreciate our OBIC Armor multi-layer liner system with a ten-year warranty, or perhaps our OBIC 5000 fully structural system. Because, ultimately, where would we be without manholes? We don’t necessarily need to show our respect with bumper stickers that say, “I Love Manholes!”, but the least we could do is consider a Manhole Appreciation Day. There’s a day for everything – from “Appreciate a Dragon Day” to “National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day” – so let’s give manholes their due with their own day. Manhole Appreciation Day, anyone?

Ready to give some love to a manhole?

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