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We’re Celebrating Five Years of Excellence!

We’re Celebrating Five Years of Excellence!  We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary this month! We want to thank all of our employees, certified installers, and customers for trusting OBIC products for their water and wastewater structures.Since our founding in 2018, OBIC has been DRIVEN by the principles that make up that acronym: Dedication, Respect, Integrity, Vision, Excellence, and Nobility. These principles have helped to shape our reputation as a trustworthy company offering an exceptional product. You can learn more about the history of the company in our blog post, “How Did Advanced Rehabilitation Technology Start?”Here’s a look back at some of company highlights from the past five years:2018: Advanced Rehabilitation Technology becomes the first certified installer of OBIC products. Fun fact: When ART started we had six trucks, but in 2023, OBIC will have a total of 31 trucks in the network!2019: OBIC showed the diversity of its products

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Pleasants Construction Performs Successful Metal Pipe Riser Rehabilitation in Maryland

Pleasants Construction Performs Successful Metal Pipe Riser Rehabilitation in Maryland Pleasants Construction, Inc. is an OBIC-certified installer based in Clarksburg, Maryland, with a service area of Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and Delaware. The Rehabilitation Division of Pleasants was working on a project in northern Baltimore, Maryland for an MDE and local municipal storm water management division. The structure in need of rehabilitation (shown below) was a bituminous-coated corrugated metal pipe riser (overflow) barrel. Inspections had reported that rust and corrosion were starting to peel and deteriorate the existing bituminous coating. Existing bituminous coating deteriorating within riser structure.   Brian Lippy, Director of Construction – Rehabilitation for Pleasants, said of the challenges inherent in this sort of project, “Typically when working a “riser barrel structure” that is located in a storm water management pond/facility, the hardest, most challenging aspect will be the terrain. Many obstacles can

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Successful Rehab With Transportation Coatings at Food Processing Plant

Successful Rehab With Transportation Coatings at Food Processing Plant As an OBIC-certified installer, CTR Coatings is experienced in offering customized solutions for even the most challenging coatings project. One such project was for a food processing plant located in southeast Mississippi. The plant’s wash drain (weep pad), where truck trailers were parked to be cleaned and drained prior to reloading, had missing and broken concrete, and was in need of a rehabilitation solution that would provide a long-term protective coating.   A food processing plant has a heavy rotation of transport trucks loading and unloading. Maintaining clean trailers was paramount to them to prevent cross-contamination of food in transit in order to meet industry best practices concerning cleaning, inspection, maintenance, loading and unloading of vehicles and transportation equipment. The plant could not afford the downtime required to demolish and replace the weep pad. Additionally, the wash

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