OBIC 5000

Fast-Set / Spray-Applied / Two-Component Structural Lining

OBIC 5000 is a 100% solids lining that reinstates structural integrity, provides infiltration control, corrosion resistance and asset life extension of concrete, steel, masonry and other substrates.

With its high abrasion and chemical resistance, adhesion and corrosion protection properties, it is ideally suited for the rehabilitation, renewal or proactive protection of wastewater, stormwater and industrial process water system structures.


Manholes, Lift Stations, Wet Wells, Grit Chambers, Culverts, Clarifiers, Junction Boxes, Secondary Containment, Tanks, Tunnels, Large Diameter Pipelines and more…


  • 1:1 Mix Ratio
  • Quick Return to Service
  • Easy Installation
  • Can Be Applied Up to 250 Mils on a Single Deployment
  • No Special Equipment Required
    can be applied with a common dual proportioned system i.e. HXP-2/HVR or PHX-40, P2 or Fusion AP Spray Gun with reactor temp of 160ºF, 2100 PSI

Physical Properties*

Property Value
Tensile strength 7000 psi
Elongation 5.5%
Hardness 80D
Flex Modulus 470,000 psi
Flex Stress 12,000 psi

*Per current test results, product currently undergoing independent third party testing. Subject to change.

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