Cleaning and Flush Solvent

Typical Use

Effective in removing both cured and uncured deposits of isocyanate from plural component pumps, high and low-pressure spray equipment, mixing tools, caulking guns or any other bare metal surface which requires cleaning

Product Highlights

OBIC Solv is a unique cleaning and flushing solvent for uncured and cured polyurethanes, polyureas, epoxies and polyester resins. It is non-chlorinated and is designed to provide maximum cleaning power. OBIC Solv is easy to use and should be applied similar to other solvents or cleaners. Because of low evaporation rate, OBIC Solv lasts much longer than other solvent cleaners. Produced in an ISO 9001-2015 certified facility.


Read and review entire SDS for OBIC Solv prior to use.

Packaging, Storage & Shelf Life

OBIC Solv is available in 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums. Storage between -40°F and 120°F. Shelf life is one year in factory sealed containers.