OBIC Surfacer 1306

Polyurethane Surface Material

Typical Use

OBIC Surfacer 1306 is a spray applied, two-component, closed cell polyurethane backing material for primary surface enhancement within the OBIC Armor application. A seamless system, OBIC Surfacer 1306 is ideal for backing material or primary surface material. Typical uses include:

  • Manhole, wet wells and pump stations
  • Masonry stabilization of block and brick for crack filing and surface enhancement
  • Industrial coatings
  • Tank Lining
  • Geo technical surface application

Product Highlights

OBIC Surfacer 1306 adheres extremely well to polyurea and polyurethane surfaces as well as properly prepared metal, concrete, fiber glass and other various surfaces. Product highlights include:

  • Tack free in 13 seconds
  • Excellent for stabilizing masonry surfaces
  • Seamless rigid polyurethane for rehabilitation of concrete and steel structures.

Application Properties

Property Value
Cream time 6 seconds
Tack free time 13 seconds
Rise time 22 seconds

Physical Properties

Property Value
Density (ASTM D – 1622) 6-8 pcf
Compressive strength (ASTM D-1621) 130-180 psi
Closed cell content >94%
Water Absorption <0.03 lbs/sqft
Maximum service temp 180 ºF
Viscosity (A side) @ 72 ºF 675 cps
Viscosity (B side) @72 ºF 200 cps
S.W.A.T. (ASTM G210-13) Pass

Equipment Recommendations

A Side Hose Temp 120-140 ºF
B Side Hose Temp 120-140 ºF
Static Pressure 1000 psi
Dynamic pressure (spray) 800 psi

Values obtained in laboratory setting for comparison purposes only and should not be considered specifications.


Read and review entire SDS for OBIC Surfacer 1306 prior to use.

Packaging, Storage & Shelf Life

OBIC Surfacer 1306 is available in 55-gallon drums and 250 gallon totes. It should be stored in sealed containers between 50ºF and 100ºF. Shelf life is 6 months under normal conditions, in factory sealed containers.