OBIC 2275 FlexSeal

Typical Use

OBIC 2275 FlexSeal is a dual-component moisture activated Hydrophobic polyurethane resin. OBIC 2275 FlexSeal is injected as a single component and designed for sealing active and potential water leaks in cracks or small annular spaces where flexibility is needed but is susceptible to wet/dry cycles. OBIC 2275 FlexSeal cures flexible and impermeable. Fills voids on the exterior of below-grade structures Stops mid to high volume and mid to high pressure leaks in below-grade structures.

  • Fills various joints, cracks and pipe penetrations & stops leaks in concrete structures
  • Designed for tunnels, mines, dams, reservoirs, block walls and structures that may shift

Product Highlights

OBIC 2275 FlexSeal is a hand injected grout. Product highlights include:

  • Moisture activated polyurethane resin
  • Reaction time is 45 seconds-3 minutes
  • Cure time is 2-5 minutes
  • Reaction and cure times time are dependent on the Ambient and environmental temperatures
  • Hydrophobic 400-600% expansion
  • Viscosity: 550-830 cP at 72ºF
  • Low viscosity allows for excellent permeation
  • Injected with 750ml x 75ml injection gun or standard caulk gun
  • Forms a unique hydrophobic closed-cell foam that cures flexible
  • Withstands wet/dry cycles
  • For use above or below grade in humid or arid atmospheres
  • Color: Clear to Milky White


PPE required for use. Read and review entire SDS for OBIC 2275 FlexSeal prior to use.

OBIC Grout

Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life

OBIC 2275 is available in cases of 6 – 300ml x 300ml dual-component packages. This is a dual-component and dual cartridge packaging. No mixing is required, it mixes in the tip when it is injected. This cartridge requires a 75ml x 750ml injection, which OBIC offers as well. It should be stored in sealed containers between 45ºF and 95ºF. Shelf life is 1 year under normal conditions, in factory sealed containers.