OBIC 2230


Typical Use

OBIC 2230 HyperSeal is a water activated, flexible, hydrophilic polyurethane injection grout. OBIC 2230 HyperSeal is typically used to repair leaks in large and small cracks in wastewater and other structures with continuous water exposure.

  • Fills voids on the exterior of below-grade structures
  • Stops high flows in below-grade structures
  • Can be injected directly into construction joints of structures

Crack injection:  Drill holes at approximately 45 degree angle to intersect the application site about half the depth of the crack.  Drill holes on either side of the crack and install injection packers in the holes.

Product Highlights

OBIC HyperSeal is hand injected using a single tube injection gun. Product highlights include:

  • Moisture activated polyurethane resin
  • Reaction time is 30-90 seconds
  • Cure time is 1-3 minutes
  • Ambient and environmental temperature correlate with chemical reaction time
  • Hydrophilic moisture activated, 800%-1000% expansion
  • Hydrophilic grout – seeks water in large and small cracks
  • Viscosity: 2800 cP at 75ºF
  • Forms a dense and impermeable foam
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and other substrates
  • Single component system applied using standard injection gun
  • Color: Light orange


Read and review entire SDS for OBIC 2230 HyperSeal prior to use.  HyperSeal is for industrial use only.  Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life

OBIC 2230 HyperSeal is available in standard grout tubes in quantities of 12 per box. Product should be stored in sealed containers between 45 – 95 degrees F. It has a storage life of 1 year for unopened, properly stored material. Do not reseal opened containers.

OBIC Hand Injected Grout