What is a Stress Skin Panel in Wastewater Structure Coating?

We regularly refer to the OBIC Armor three-layer system for wastewater structures as a stress skin panel.  During a recent conversation with a public works director, he asked for a more thorough explanation.  A brief summary of that explanation around what a stress skin panel in wastewater structure coating is follows, and we’re sure there are more people who would benefit from this information as well!

The OBIC Armor liner system is a sandwich-structured composite.  It consists of an inner and outer layer of flexible polyurea with an inner core of hybrid polyurethane.  Sandwich panels exhibit great strength, which is why they are commonly used in airplane construction, vehicle fabrication, and building construction.

Let’s take a closer look at sandwich panels.  The inner and outer layers are referred to as “skins” and the inner material is the “core”.  The three layers act in a synergistic manner to form a composite product far stronger than the sum of the individual parts.  That strength can be demonstrated by thinking of an I-beam.  An I-beam consists of flanges (skins) connected together by a web (core).  Structural I-beams provide great strength in the direction of the beam itself, front-to-back, if you will.

Our sandwich panel shares similar structural properties as an I-beam, with the hybrid polyurethane center core acting as the web, while the polyurea inner and outer layers function as the flanges.  The OBIC Armor sandwich panel is comparatively a series of I-beams lined up side-by-side, making the core (web) omnidirectional.  This provides strength in all directions, resulting in a sort of an “infinite I-beam”.

This is just one of many reasons why municipalities choose OBIC Armor liner system when it absolutely, positively must last.  Additional benefits realized are:

  • OBIC products are spray applied and cure in minutes
  • Unlike alternative rigid products, OBIC’s flexible polymers won’t crack under the pressure of freeze/thaw temperature changes or heavy traffic vibration
  • Our products are backed by a team of chemists, chemical engineers, and equipment technicians available to assist with questions, problems, unique applications, and field visits
  • Significantly longer service life, allowing for greater return on investment

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