What is the OBIC Armor System?

What is the OBIC Armor System? You may have heard of the OBIC Armor system, but what exactly is it?  OBIC Armor provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective method for repairing and preventing damage to municipal and industrial sewers, as well as potable water systems.  The spray-applied OBIC 1000 (flexible polyurea) cures quickly, making it an ideal choice for rehabilitation projects.  OBIC Armor is our multi-layer system, consisting of OBIC 1306 (6-8 pound closed cell foam) sandwiched between two layers of OBIC 1000 (polyurea). What are the benefits of OBIC 1000? OBIC 1000 is the coating of choice in the wastewater industry for numerous reasons: Chemical Resistance - OBIC 1000 is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and corrosive substances commonly found in wastewater environments, helping to protect structures from degradation. Waterproofing - It creates a seamless and waterproof barrier, preventing water infiltration and corrosion