How to Stop a Leak in a Manhole – The OBIC Way

How to Stop a Leak in a Manhole - The OBIC Way "Good morning, welcome to the first day of your OBIC Applicator Training.  This morning we are going to learn about our manhole leak stopping procedure." OBIC-certified applicators around the world are fully trained and prepared through our Certified Installer Program that involves classroom time and on-site training.  One of the most important skills an OBIC applicator will learn during the program is how to stop structure leaks.  As we have discussed in previous blogs, groundwater infiltration from collection system cracks, hole, joint failures, mortar joints and faulty connections is an expensive problem.  Various studies estimate that 40% of groundwater infiltration comes from manholes.  A single 5 gpm leak can cost $10,000 per year in WWTP treatment cost! Leaks must be stopped efficiently and permanently as they threaten the structural integrity of your critical infrastructure.  So