OBIC Launches Polyurethane Grouting Sealant Line and E-Commerce Store

At OBIC, we have earned a reputation for our industry-leading lining system that prevents leaks from occurring.  What is not so well known is that our lining system will not adhere to running water, so we first had to become experts in the science of stopping leaks.

The OBIC line of hand-injected and pump-injected polyurethane grouts is uniquely designed to stop even the toughest leaks.  Not only do we use them in all of our water and wastewater rehabilitation projects, but they are also available for customers to purchase at our online store

OBIC grouts do not require professional installation and are available for purchase to anyone looking to stop fast leaks, slow leaks, and everything in between.  Zero experience is required, and after receiving an installation how-to sheet, anyone can successfully install OBIC grouts.

Dustin Schlachter, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of OBIC, said, “As leaders in the coatings space it’s our duty to be leaders in all facets of infrastructure rehabilitation. The grout line is an obvious next step in our business progression to optimize the momentum of the OBIC brand.”

Products currently available to purchase 24/7 on our online store include:

OBIC 2060 MaxSeal and OBIC 2060C MaxSeal Conditioner 

  • The versatility of OBIC 2060 MaxSeal means that this grout is ideal for wastewater rehab and can tackle almost any leak. 
  • Water-reactive   
  • Reaction time of 30 seconds to 3 minutes   
  • Expansion rate of about 3000% 
  • Low viscosity   

OBIC 2090 MultiSeal    

  • OBIC 2090 MultiSeal is the slowest reactive and most flexible grout that we offer.  It’s a great choice for stopping leaks in old brick structures that are full of leaks that weep through small cracks in the mortar.   
  • Water-reactive 
  • Reaction time of 30 seconds to 3 minutes   
  • Expansion rate of 400-600%     
  • Low viscosity         

OBIC 2262 MaxSeal   

  • OBIC 2262 MaxSeal can withstand wet/dry cycles and reacts quickly with water to form a dense, impermeable rigid foam.   
  • Injected with a 75 ml x 750 ml injection gun or standard caulk gun   
  • Reaction time of 30 seconds to 3 minutes   
  • Cure time of 1-5 minutes   
  • Hydrophobic 3,000% expansion   

OBIC 2210 RapidSeal   

  • OBIC 2210 RapidSeal is designed to stop high volume leaks in manholes, pump stations, and other underground structures. 
  • Injected with a 300 ml x 300 ml injection gun   
  • Reaction time of 5-15 seconds   
  • Cure time of 30-40 seconds 
  • Hydrophilic moisture activated 1,500-2,600% expansion   

OBIC 2290 MultiSeal LV   

  • OBIC 2290 MultiSeal LV has a slow reaction time that allows the grout to form in tiny cracks and fissures where water is seeping through.   
  • Injected with a common caulk gun   
  • Reaction time of 90 seconds – 3 minutes   
  • Cure time of 3-15 minutes   
  • Hydrophilic moisture activated 400-600% expansion   
  • Forms a resilient, flexible foam with superb adhesive properties   

OBIC 2230 HyperSeal   

  • OBIC 22030 HyperSeal is used to repair leaks in large or small cracks in wastewater and other structures with continuous water exposure.   
  • Injected with a common caulk gun   
  • Reaction time of 30 seconds – 2 minutes   
  • Foam expands many times initial volume   
  • Has excellent adhesion to concrete and other substrates

Purchase an OBIC Grout Today!  Visit to purchase and learn more about our exceptional grouts, or call 866-636-4854 for answers to your installation questions.