Everything You Need to Know About OBIC Chemical Grouts

OBIC products provide customers with long-term solutions to costly and sometimes dangerous situations.  Every product is backed by a team of chemists who employ rigorous testing to ensure consistency and quality.

This year we launched an online store where you can purchase any of our chemical grout products 24/7.  Being available 365 days a year provides a convenient, one-stop location for our customers and solidifies OBIC as a go-to solution for our certified installer network.

We offer two different chemical grout configurations, depending on your needs:

  • Hydrophilic polyurethane grout seeks out water, is absorbed into cracks and pores of the concrete and masonry, and has a tenacious bond to wet concrete.  It is used to stop leaks via crack or joint injection.
  • Hydrophobic grout repels water.  Hydrophobics are not well suited for crack injection, but are excellent for curtain grouting, sealing gushing leaks, compression sealing, void filling, and soil stabilization.

Our pump-injected line of grout products include:

  • OBIC 2060 MaxSeal and 2060c MaxSeal conditioner (increases the reaction when used together)
  • OBIC 2090 MultiSeal

Our hand-injected line of grout products include:

  • OBIC 2262 MaxSeal
  • OBIC 2210 RapidSeal
  • OBIC 2290 MultiSeal LV
  • OBIC 2230 HyperSeal

The main difference between the two are in the application, although 2230 HyperSeal is available in a standard caulk tube only due to the viscosity of the material, and 2210 RapidSeal is a two-part, self-reactive material that does not require water and would not work in a pump application.

How is Hand-Injected Chemical Grout Best Applied?

  1. Drill 3/8″ hole
  2. Cut the tip of the grout tube and poke hole of inner seal of grout tube with the grout gun puncture tool, which is attached to grout gun to allow material flow.
  3. Tip of tube installed into 3/8 hole securely with consistent pressure
  4. Pump grout material at a patient and consistent pace. Be sure to have paper towels on hand for any potential seams and cracks to allow for expansion of grout material and effectiveness.
  5. As the material nears empty, hold the tube in the hole for 45-60 seconds to allow cure time
  6. Have hammer and 3/8 wooden dowel ready to install in hole as you replace the grout tube

Watch this video to see our hand-injected grout work in the field!

How is Pump-Injected Chemical Grout Best Applied?

Drill 3/8″ holes strategically mapped out across leaking area.  Inject material hole by hole until leak has stopped.

How Do You Know if a Grout Should be Hand or Pump Injected?

Larger areas and larger volumes typically call for more grout making it more time and cost-effective to use pump injections. Hand injection will still work of course, but will be less efficient.

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Backed by 40 years of manufacturing experience, our grout products are formulated to maximize performance based on your specific application.  Our grouts are manufactured, packaged, and shipped right here in the USA and are suitable for wastewater, stormwater and industrial use.

Try an OBIC Grout today!  Visit store.obicproducts.com tp purchase and learn more about our exceptional grouts, or call 866-636-4854 for answers to your installation questions.