Installer Spotlight: CTR Coatings Performs Impressive Leach Field Lining

The owners of an apartment complex in eastern North Carolina began noticing quite a few leaks around and into the groundwater system from its leach field holding container.  This was primarily due because of its age – it had been built in the 1970s – but also because it was built from cinder blocks.

Since the leach field was responsible for removing contaminants and impurities from liquid after it left the septic tank, they wanted to ensure that the proper filtration process of the leach field could occur.  The only way to do that would be to stop the exfiltration of the old cinder blocks.

OBIC-certified installer, CTR Coatings, was called in to resolve this issue with a long-lasting solution.  The first challenge they encountered was that someone had previously put a cementitious layer on top of the cinder blocks to try and prevent further sewage gas corrosion of the concrete.  CTR needed to go in and stop all of the leaks before they could properly line the structure.

Due to the aging mortar joints of the cinder blocks and deteriorating added cementitious layer, the crew had to use OBIC’s 2230 Hyperseal injectable grout to stop all leaks first.  They worked to line the structure in sections, as the leaks would move from lined portions of the structure to unlined portions of the structure causing CTR to be extremely patient and thorough in application.  As a certified applicator, it is top priority to ensure the liner system is bonded to dry substrate to allow proper curing of the material and performance.

After tirelessly and successfully stopping all of the leaks, CTR began the lining process with the OBIC 1000 multi-layer system.  This system adheres extremely well to various properly-prepared concrete surfaces and provides excellent corrosion protection and high abrasion resistance for harsh environments.

The other challenge they faced with this project was a time constraint.  They started the project on a Monday and it had to be released that Sunday.  They also had to contend with an unexpected rainstorm and adapt to all necessary measures needed to maintain a dry environment for the liner system.

Neal Bryan, Business Development Manager with CTR Coatings, said, “This project was unique because the structure was old cinder block and it threw a kink in the process with the leaking through the blocks.  The lead man, Achiles, really thought outside the box to address the issues that are not part of a typical lining job.  Our three-man crew showed great teamwork and worked a lot of long hours to complete it on time.”

All in all, the customer was completely satisfied with the results.

“They absolutely love it,” said Bryant. “It gave them an instant return to service. It cut way down on the bypass time, which is a huge expense in a rehab project.”

CTR Coatings was founded in 2010 and has earned a reputation as an industry-leading water and wastewater rehabilitation company.  They joined the OBIC network of installers in 2018 with a service territory that includes Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  They have been featured in Trenchless Technology magazine for this underwater manhole rehab project and won UCA’s Sewer and Water Project of the Year award!

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