OBIC Product Name Product Usage Applications Competitive Advantages Notable Features Color OBIC Repair OBIC 1600 Surface Prep Surface prep to promote inter-coat adhesion between applications of polyurea. Allows application to cured coating Increase adhesion for fully cured polyurea Blue OBIC 1601 Patch Material Seamless durable patch to existing coating system. 1:1 Mix Ratio, Cold Patch Material Easily hand applied Orange OBIC Clean OBIC Flush Pump Cleaner Cleaning plural component system without threat of damage to pump O-rings and gaskets. Non-reactive with Isocyanates Long-term storage fluid Clear OBIC SOLV ISO Solvent Breaks down cured and uncured resins. Post soak clean/rinse with clean solvent such as MEK or Acetone. Long-lasting solvent cleaner Clear OBIC Product Name Packaging Type Application Features Injection Method Hand Injected Grouts OBIC 2210 Rapid Seal Dual Cartridge 300mlx300ml Hydrophobic Fast Reaction for high pressure / High Volume leaks Great for void filling Dual Component self reactive No water needed Mixes in the static mixer nozzle 2600% Expansion forms a dense rigid foam 300ml x 300ml Dual Cartridge injection gun OBIC 2262 MaxSeal Dual Component Cartridge 750ml x 75ml Hydrophobic Quick Reaction for a wide variety of leaks. Dual Component water reactive water Mixes in the static mixer nozzle. Low viscosity for great travel. 3000% Expansion forms a rigid foam 750ml x 75 ml Dual Cartridge injection gun OBIC 2290 MultiSeal 300 Ml cartridge Hydrophobic Delayed Reaction time for small leaks over an area Single Component water reactive no mixing necessary low viscosity for excellent travel and ability to travel into small cracks and voids where thicker grouts could not penetrate 400%-600% Expansion excellent in precast seams/cracks forms a flexible gel foam 300 ml Caulk gun OBIC 2230 HyperSeal Standard Grout Tube - 12 per box Hydrophilic Wastewater and other structures with continuous water exposure Seeks and reacts to water in large and small cracks. Within 30 seconds of water contact, a foam begins to form and solidifies in minutes. The foam expands many times initial volume to fill voids. Standard Caulk Gun Pump Injected Grouts OBIC 2060 MaxSeal & OBIC 2060c MaxSeal Conditioner 5 gallon Pail and 78oz jug Hydrophobic Versatile grout used on a wide variety of leaks Jug is mixed into the pail and grout is injected as a single component. Low viscosity for excellent travel. Fast, controllable reaction time 3000% expansion rate. Forms a dense rigid foam Great for void filling and stopping all types of leaks from fast to slow. Tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Drinking Water System Components Pump injected through injectors OBIC 2090 MultiSeal 5 gallon Pail Hydrophobic Works great for low volume leaks in structures with cracks or seams No Mixing required. Injected as a single component for excellent travel. Delayed reaction time to allow grout to travel into cracks and seams. Works great in brick structures with weeping leaks. 400%-600% expansion rate forms a felxible gel foam Pump injected through injectors