Company History In Latin, obic is the root word for “barrier” OBIC, a manufacturer and distributor of polyurea, polyurethane, primers and grout products. OBIC’s installer network expands across North American and is continually looking to expand. DRIVEN Philosophy From a young age, CEO Dustin Schlachter learned that success meant working hard and dreaming big. Like most kids, he could often be found riding his bike around town. The only difference was that his bike was pulling a trailer with a lawnmower. From this first entrepreneurial endeavor, Dustin learned what it meant to be DRIVEN. Today, that bicycle serves as a reminder that internal fortitude, hard work, and strong faith will take you far in business and life. 92 59 11 0 0 05 179 231 9B3E7 Font: Crillee Italic BT File Usage: Print: .ai, .eps, .pdf Print/Screen: .png Screen: .jpg OBIC Driven Dedication D R I V E N Respect Integrity Vision Excellence Nobility OBIC is DRIVEN by the following principles: