About OBIC

In Latin, obic is the root word for barrier. When OBIC was founded in 2017, we couldn’t think of a better name to represent our products. Providing a long-lasting, cost effective barrier of protection for water and wastewater structures is our mission, but ensuring that our products are rigorously tested and customizable for each customer is our passion.

A municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems maintenance company, OBIC specializes in providing an alternative approach to everything from wastewater structure rehabilitation to potable water tank rehabilitation. Our products provide you with a no-dig approach to repairing holding systems, manholes, treatment facilities, vaults and other structures with damage caused by infiltration or corrosive chemicals.

Our Philosophy

OBIC is committed to providing our customers and communities with a high quality, cost effective alternative to the replacement of water and wastewater system components. Our no-dig technology means we can repair your wastewater systems with a wastewater structure coating and reduce the cost to your organization. With minimal disruption of service, OBIC products will have your structure back up and running in no time. OBIC products are also a cost effective solution, meaning your organization will benefit from a favorable return on your investment.

From private industries whose profitability depends on long lasting potable water tank linings, to public utilities departments who manage wastewater structure coating for systems that support thousands of customers, OBIC offers the best solution for all of your water and wastewater system rehabilitation needs.

OBIC is DRIVEN by the following principles:

These guiding principles, along with our faith, are how we do business. This also drives us to do more in the communities we call home.  OBIC is a growing company that has a goal of giving 10% of our profits back to our local communities. Not only do we want our business to grow, we want to invest in the opportunities available for people in our communities to grow and thrive.

OBIC Services

Our wastewater structure rehabilitation services and potable water tank rehabilitation are just the beginning. Approved for a variety of applications, OBIC products can be used in industrial and manufacturing settings as well as transportation and water systems.

In every application, customers can depend on quality products that are rigorously tested. In addition to third party testing, OBIC employs a team of chemists who are continually testing products in a variety of environments. This continued testing ensures that we are always improving our products and offering the best water and wastewater maintenance and repair solutions possible. As an added benefit, customers with unique needs can rely on our chemists to develop customized solutions that will carry the same proven quality and exceed expectations.

Municipal Wastewater and Potable Water Systems

  • Manhole Coatings
  • Wet Wells
  • Large Wastewater Structures


  • Culvert Lining Installations
  • Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Tank Linings
  • Secondary Containment
  • Clean Room Applications

Our Team

Dustin Schlachter

Dustin Schlachter is dedicated to providing water and wastewater system repair and maintenance solutions that are both affordable and long lasting. His entrepreneurial aspiration has held Dustin captive to the no-dig, trenchless technology field since 1999 when he and his father founded S&S Directional Boring. His knowledge and experience continued to grow as he expanded his work to include infrastructure rehabilitation through lining and coating system application in 2007. This expansion began his journey to create OBIC.

Dustin serves as an active member and past president of the Great Lakes Trenchless Association. He is also a member of the National Association of Sewer Service Companies and the Water Environment Federation.

A devoted husband and father of three, Dustin finds enjoyment and relaxation in outdoor activities like landscaping and gardening. Dustin is dedicated to learning and growing in faith, and his life goal is to help others grow as well.

Bob Klopfenstein
Director of Technology

Bob Klopfenstein has been with OBIC since July of 2018. With over 35 years in the chemical, coating and lining business, Bob has experience working with clients in every industry that OBIC serves. Over the past 15 years, his focus has been on offering repair and maintenance solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree from Bradley University and stays current on industry challenges and trends by participating in professional organizations that include, Water Environment Federation, National Association of Sewer Service Companies and North American Society for Trenchless Technology.

In his free time, Bob enjoys golfing, gardening and wine collecting.

Gary Mock
VP of Sales & Marketing

Gary Mock has been with OBIC since the company was founded in 2017. In addition to his extensive experience in the maintenance and rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems, Gary is also NASSCO PACP/LACP & MACP certified. Since 2007, Gary has served as a member of the Water Environment Federation. Additionally, he maintains memberships in the Ohio and Pennsylvania WEA and RWEA as well as the Polyurea Development Association.

After a busy workweek, Gary enjoys fishing and catching up with friends and family over a friendly game of cards. Committed to making a difference in his community, Gary is an avid supporter of children’s charities and non-profit organizations that help those in need. His philanthropy includes supporting local Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, school benefit drives, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Make a Wish Foundation.

Troy Reed
Member and Business Development

Troy is responsible for member and business development at OBIC, and brings over 35 years of experience in water and wastewater infrastructure construction to the position. From field work to project management, Troy’s industry experience includes a proven track record of expertly communicating a client’s objectives to the crews who are performing the work on-site. No stranger to coordinating high-priority projects, Troy ensures client satisfaction while successfully managing multiple crews of up to 130 employees who are working simultaneously on water and wastewater infrastructure projects on both residential and commercial sites.

Troy’s favorite pastimes include boating, fishing and camping, but his true passion is spending time with his three grandchildren. Although his work schedule keeps him busy, Troy and his wife enjoying finding time to rehabilitate houses.